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    The database is a collection of tables. Tables are like spreadsheets, storing data in rows and columns, related to whatever the structure of that table is for. For customers, it means email addresses, passwords, etc. For address books, it means all the address info for each customer. For orders, all the order details. For products, the details of each aspect of each product. And so on. You could ...

    Yes, Zen Cart will run in a phpsuexec environment. However, you will need to work with your server administrator to determine the correct file-permissions mask to use for marking files read-only so that the "warning: configure.php files are writable" alert doesn't appear. Sometimes this may mean setting permissions as low as 444 or even 400.  Your host should be able to help you with these limitations.

     If your host is running phpsuexec for security reasons, you will get a 500 Internal Error if you upload .htaccess files to your server while trying to control php settings. 
    If you are using .htaccess with php_ value_entries within it, you would receive an internal server 500 error when attempting to access the scripts, if you your host has phpsuexec installed.
    This is because php is no longer running as an apache module and apache will not handle those directives ...

    Zen Cart has referral-tracking functionality built-in, using coupon codes. This can be ideal for tracking commissions for specific salespeople, crowdsourcing, ...


    • Authorize.net Account (naturally)   Support Zen Cart by Clicking Here to Sign Up for an Account now
    • CURL is required and MUST be compiled into PHP with TLS/SSL support
    • Your Username and Transaction key (generated in your authorize.net account area)
    • You need to have HTTPS/SSL active on your site to protect your customers' sensitive data


    You need to generate your username and ...

    1. You have a page you want to change the structure of.
    2. Open the page in your browser.
    3. Choose View Source from your browser menu.
    4. Scroll down to the section you're bothered about moving. In the case of the add-to-cart button, you'll see this:

    Collecting payment from customers requires a means for extracting funds from the payment method the customer chooses.

    Check/Money Order

    If you offer check/money-order, then it's up to them to send the check to you.  Naturally, you will typically wait for the check to arrive and clear your bank before shipping the goods.

    Credit Card

    Before you can accept credit cards directly you must have a merchant account.

    If you offer to let your customers pay by Credit Card, there are a couple ways to do this:

    a) An online banking service such as PayPal where the ...

    Open the Admin, point your cursor at Configuration in the top menu. Choose Layout Settings from the drop down menu.

    Find "Main Page - Opens with Category"


    What is Checksum Validation?

    When downloading files from the internet, it's very important to verify that the file you downloaded IS in fact the file you EXPECTED to download. Authors of software typically zip up their software and then calculate a "checksum" ...

    You can download any of the Zen Cart original files (current version and older versions) by clicking on the "Home" link at the top of this page, and then ...
    Article Preview

    Customer is attempting to complete a purchase and paying via PayPal. They login, provide payment details, and click the Pay Now or Continue button, and they are greeted with the following message and taken back to the PayPal login page, and no details are recorded in your store:

    The Reason: You have your PayPal account configured to use Fraud Management Filters, and the customer's transaction has triggered one of your rules which you've configured for a "Deny" response.

    // Define the webserver and path parameters
      // HTTP_SERVER is your Main webserver: eg:'http://www.your_domain.com'
      // HTTPS_SERVER is your Secure webserver: eg:'https://www.your_domain.com'
      define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://localhost');
      define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://localhost');

      // Use secure webserver ...




    You need to generate your username and ...

    PCI DSS Compliance Questions Answered

    Common myths about PCI Compliance

    Please see the following page for a better understanding of what PCI Compliance is NOT:  https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/pdfs/pciscc_ten_common_myths.pdf

    Answers to the most commonly-asked questions pertaining to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance

    DISCLAIMER: The following answers pertain to a webstore built with default Zen Cart code without any customizations, using only built-in features/modules/capabilities, in the default configuration.
    Any customizations you do to your store render these statements incomplete and require that ...

    There are a number of different date formats used around the world, and the approach for changing to any of them is broadly the same. In this tutorial we'll show how to change from the default US format to the dd/mm/yyyy format used in most other English-speaking countries and those speaking many other languages. As date formats are generally language-specific (or in the case of English, dialect-specific) we'll be editing two Zen Cart language files to make this change.

    1. open file includes/languages/<YOUR_TEMPLATE>/<YOUR_LANGUAGE>.php

    (if this file doesn't exist, create it by copying the file includes/languages/<YOUR_LANGUAGE>.php to this location).

    2. find this section:

    @setlocale(LC_TIME, 'en_US.ISO_8859-1');
    define('DATE_FORMAT_SHORT', '%m/%d/%Y'); // this is used for strftime()
    define('DATE_FORMAT_LONG', '%A %d %B, %Y'); // this is used for strftime()
    define('DATE_FORMAT', 'm/d/Y'); // this is used for date()
    define('DATE_TIME_FORMAT', DATE_FORMAT_SHORT . ' %H:%M:%S');
    and replace with:
    @setlocale(LC_TIME, 'en_GB.ISO_8859-1');

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  This module is NO LONGER included in Zen Cart because it does not meet PCI compliance requirements for ecommerce security.
    The BETTER alternative is to use a real live payment gateway service connected to your business merchant account.

    Original now-obsolete article below:

    There are several payment modules in Admin> Modules> Payment. Many of them are for payment-gateways where the customer's credit card is authorized automatically while they are online, and payment is deposited to your merchant-bank-account (which you set up with your bank) automatically.

    However, if you wish to simply "collect" the customer's credit-card ...

    Instead of showing a product image thumbnail and the product's name, I'm seeing just the product name, but twice!

    Additional information: Using FireFox browser. ...

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