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    FOR v1.3.x, assuming you've based your template on "template_default": open your stylesheet and find

    #mainWrapper {
    background-color: #ffffff;
    text-align: left;

    In most cases of difficulties logging in to the Admin area, the problem is one of:


    - Close all your browser windows
    - Open 1 browser window, and use it to clear your browser cache AND cookies.
    - If you browser has a Private Browsing mode, make sure you're NOT using "Private Browsing" mode, because that will prevent sessions/cookies from being usable
    - Reboot your computer
    - Turn off your firewall software and try again.
    - Ensure that your stylesheets don't contain any references ...

    Do I need to convert to UTF-8?

    If you are installing Zen Cart v1.5.0 or newer, for the first time, and not preserving data from a prior version, then your ...

    What is a Contribution/Addon/Plugin?

    The Open Source community has many great benefits. One such benefit is the ability for many people to collectively share their knowledge, creativity, and expertise by extending the capabilities of existing software products.  It's very common for someone to install a product such as Zen Cart® and want to make some customizations unique to their business, and then share those changes by contributing back to the Zen Cart® community for everyone's benefit.  Packaging up the new/changed files along with instructions on how to implement those onto another site is essentially what a contribution/addon comprises.

    Acceptable Contributions

    Addon/Contribution/Plugin authors who wish to ...

    To change the name of page_2, page_3 or page_4

    1. open the appropriate file: /includes/languages/ENGLISH/page_?.php

    2. make the changes to fit your needs
    define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Page ?');
    define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Page ...

    Zen Cart recommends using Express Checkout instead of Website Payments Standard.

    PayPal Express Checkout  gives the customer two options: They can jump over to the PayPal site to login to their account BEFORE completing checkout on your store (which allows them to select their address information there and never have to re-type their address details on YOUR site, thus the "express" part of the transaction) and then choosing shipping choices and discounts/coupons etc before completing the order ....... OR they can go to the PayPal site to login to their account AFTER making shipping/payment/coupon selections on your site (and creating an account ...


    My store is set up to use PayPal Payments Standard to receive payments from customers.
    I want to allow my customers to pay via Credit Card without having to create a PayPal account.
    However, some customers are not given this option, and are required to create a PayPal account before they can complete a checkout.


    FIRST:  If you are moving your site, DO NOT UPGRADE AT THE SAME TIME!!!   Do your upgrade BEFORE moving, or AFTER moving, but never DURING the move. Otherwise you'll typically run into problems that can't be quickly resolved because you've got too many server issues confused into the picture. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    1. On your NEW host, create a new MySQL database. Note the username, password, database name, and host name (usually localhost).


    Zone Definitions can be created by adding 1 by 1 each Zone or can be created quickly with some SQL commands that can be run in the Zen Cart Admin from the Tools ... Install SQL Patches ...

    Be careful when creating Zone Definitions such as Zone Definitions for the United States.
    Country: United States
    Zone: All Zones

    is the United States with All Zones that includes all 50 States, DC, US Islands and Territories such as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and the Armed Forces. ...

    In my server log I'm seeing hits at /includes/templates/mytemplate/css/none

    client denied by server configuration: /home/mysite/public_html/includes/templates/mytemplate/css/none, referer: http://www.my_site.com

    Cause: ...

    This is a generic message which usually indicates your site is having problems accessing data in your MySQL database.
    It could be a problem with:
    • MySQL not running
    • incorrect DB_xxxxxxx settings in either of your configure.php files
    • syntax error in MySQL statements
    • an incompatible addon, on an incorrectly-installed addon (such as SQL installation steps not completed properly)
    • a hacker attempting to do something rogue or malicious with something ...

    1. Log in with another account.

    If you can log in to your Zen Cart admin using another account, please do so, and reset/modify the other admin password ...

    READ THIS FIRST: http://www.zen-cart.com/entry.php?3-...d-of-upgrading

    Detailed upgrade instructions that help you retain your customizations while upgrading to new features, can be found in your ZIP file under the /docs/2.Readme-Upgrade.html file and also in this related FAQ article ...

    This is a setting that can be used by developers to tell the store to override its normal security protection mode which prevents the display of error ...

    While access to your admin area is protected by the requirement of your admin password, it is recommended for additional security that you rename your admin directory after installation. This way, it will be significantly harder for hackers to find your admin area or attempt any attack on breaking into it.

    (Before making the following changes, make sure to have a current backup of your files and your database.) 

    You're going to do three steps: A) edit the configure.php settings and upload them, B) rename the admin folder, C) test login to the new folder. 
    Details are below:

    Zen Cart v1.5.x:

    A - configure.php - If you are using v1.5.x, go to step B to rename the folder. If you are using v1.3.x, see the section below about v1.3.x which explains how to edit this file properly in that case.

    There is no need to alter the admin configure.php in v1.5.x when renaming your admin folder. Simply proceed to step B.

    B - Rename the Admin folder

    Using your FTP software or your webhost's File Manager, find your Zen Cart /admin/ directory. Rename the directory to match the settings you just made in step A.

    NOTE: DO NOT advertise this new foldername, else you defeat the entire purpose of renaming it.  And DO NOT EVER put it in your robots.txt file!

    C - Login to your admin using the new URL

    To login to your admin system you will now have to visit a new URL that matches the new name used in steps A and B above.

    For example instead of visiting www.example.com/admin/ visit www.example.com/NeW-NamE4u/


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