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    CAPITALIZED words refer to a folder or language that you choose. We use CUSTOM for your template and ENGLISH for your language by default. These generic terms should be changed to  the name of the  template/language you are using.

    /images folder: This is where your Product images are located.

    /includes/languages/ENGLISH/images folder: icon.gif (your language flag).

    /includes/templates/CUSTOM/buttons/ENGLISH folder: contains the buttons used by ...

    The Zen Cart® templating system uses a CSS based layout.

    In this article, CAPITALIZED words refer to a folder or language that you choose. We use CUSTOM for your template and ENGLISH for your language by default. Change these if needed.

    First, open includes/templates/ and create a new folder. You can call it anything you like, though it is best not to make it too long and to use underscores instead of spaces. We will call it /CUSTOM here, so everywhere we write /CUSTOM from now on, you should replace it with your own preferred folder name.

    Create an empty folder inside your new template directory and call it images so you should have includes/templates/CUSTOM/images/.

    Next, copy the includes/templates/template_default/css directory and place the folder and its files in your new includes/templates/CUSTOM/ folder.

    You can also create the following ...

    This is because Web Designer's Edit CSS function can't find your background images. Zen Cart's background images are referenced in your stylesheet using realtive addresses such as url(../images/header_bg.jpg). ...

    This article is based on material originally posted by Networkdad, DrByte and other contributors.

    "Template Override" and "Override System" are terms used to describe the collection of files needed to build or customize the look of your cart. Using Overrides allows you to make and save changes to your cart without the fear of losing them when upgrades and patches are released. Also See: The Override System Simplified. ...

    Zen Cart uses language files or a "languages system"  to define the text content used by the various display pages of your cart.

    An obvious benefit of the "languages system" is the ability to run Zen Cart in another language or several languages at the same time. Using these files allows you to edit/change the text/content that appears on every page of your shop without needing to understand databases or programming languages.

    The information in these files can be placed into four categories as follows:

    Global information which contains text that is used across the entire site. This information is contained in includes/languages/english.php.

    Page Specific information contains text used by individual pages in your cart. This information is contained in includes/languages/ENGLISH/???.php,

    Your Own Definitions can contain text you might find necessary in your particular shop. This information is contained in include/languages/ENGLISH/extra_definitions/???.php

    Complete pages are default pages used by Zen Cart and can be edited as necessary. You can also add your own pages if you find that necessary. These files are located in includes/languages/ENGLISH/html_includes/define_???.php.

    The information in these files is constructed ...

    The template files used in Zen Cart® provide the structure and layout of the various pages
    of your cart. They make use of the definitions from your LANGUAGE FILES.

    These files are located in includes/templates/template_default.
    Template files are of three types; common, specific pages and sideboxes. The files can be identified ...


    I'm getting this error when trying to login from the customer screen "There was a security error when trying to login"


    by Ajeh - Linda McGrath

    There are 3 parts to attributes:
    • Option Name
    • Option Value
    • Attribute on the product

    Defining Option Names:

    Admin -> Catalog -> Option Name Manager



    a) Order (This is the sort order the Option Name displays on the screen.)

    b) Select an Option Type:
    • Dropdown (note when only 1 option value this will automatically be switched to a Radio Button and later when more than one value it will automatically switch to the dropdown)
    • Radio Button
    • ...

    NOTE: While the following instructions talk about making files/folders writable, it is wise to review your security settings after installation to be sure you're not leaving yourself open to hacking vulnerability by having too many "world-writable" files on your site.  There are detailed security recommendations in the FAQ and the Wiki.

    How To Set File/Folder Permissions

    Most FTP programs will allow you to change file permissions.

    Connect to your site with your FTP program.
    Move to your public_html directory, and perhaps into your "zencart" folder underneath public_html, ...

    If you are doing transaction testing, this error may appear if you attempt to use the reserved CC number of 4111111111111111
    Use a different card number instead: https://ppmts.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750 ...

    Some common attempts to probe your site for old vulnerabilities, or vulnerabilities from other systems, can be blocked by adding the following code to your site: ...

    If you have added an HTML editor plugin to your admin and it is not "running" even though you've selected it, the problem is most likely that ...

    In order to disable SSL in your Zen Cart store, you will need to change includes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php.

    in includes/configure.php find the following code:

    Blank pages can be caused by a number of things, and often occur just after installing, upgrading, or customizing your store. Any time you touch a ...

    There are various steps one can follow to fine-tune server performance, depending on skill level and the kind of control one has over the webserver. The following are topics which may be of useful consideration especially if your server is performing poorly.


    This happens on all my "secure" pages, such as Login, My Account and Checkout.
    When I click the Log In link as a customer i get prompted with the security prompts stating:

    "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items.
    Do you want to display the nonsecure items?"

    "Page contains unauthenticated content"

    "connection ...

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