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    You've just signed up with an affiliate system who's promised you the ultimate in statistics tracking, commission handling, referral monitoring, ...

    You have Products, Downloads and some Combo Products ...

    First, let's make sure that you have Products setup correctly ... ...

    No problem. Let's use the featured product sidebox as an example.

    Create an over-ride for the sidebox's module file. For the featured products sidebox, this would involve copying includes/modules/sideboxes/featured_products.php to ...

    To use Zen Cart, you need a database.

    To prepare a MySQL database for Zen Cart to use:

    1. Open your hosting account's control panel.
    2. Find the "Databases" section
    3. Choose the MySQL option
    4. Click on the option to Create a database.  Enter a name for it and submit. (Record the name for use in Zen Cart)
    5. Now create ...

    Adapted from a contribution by: Networkdad

    I've been watching the forums, and I'm seeing many folks make many modifications to their cart. This is great!

    However, I'm also seeing users of Zen Cart talk about making changes to important files such as:


    and many others.

    Just a warning and note - you should not be modifying these files, if you want future upgrades to be simpler!

    There is a file override system in place that works very well, and makes it so you do not have to modify the core files. ...

    Some of my pages are blank except for these characters:  

    - Page is *almost* blank, except for showing these characters:   
    - Installing the debug logging utility reports something like this:

    PHP Warning:  ...

    After taking the order in Zen Cart I want the Credit Card to be authorised but not charged to the customer until the goods have been shipped.  I would anticipate the delay from order to shipping to be about a week. How do I go about this?

    This largely depends on your choice of payment gateway, as to whether this option is offered or not.  Most true Merchant Gateways offer this, including ...

    If your stylesheet is not loading properly (symptoms include a page that displays no coloring or expected layout etc), then your server's configuration of the Apache service is a little over-aggressive in its efforts to prevent you from doing things that might be questionable.
    This will usually happen on first-time installs of Zen Cart to a webserver you haven't used Zen Cart on before, and especially on (but not limited to) Windows/IIS hosts.

    If you have access to your server's errorlog data, you can confirm that this is the problem ...

    (Windows servers "always" run PHP as a CGI app, so this FAQ may not apply to Windows hosts.)

    While Zen Cart is "best" run on a server running PHP as an apache "module", some hosts only run PHP as a CGI application. There are generally more restrictions and limitations in functionality if this is how your PHP hosting is setup.

    Things to Note ...

    An Introduction to Product Types in Zen Cart v1.2

    1. Introduction

    A much requested feature in Zen Cart was the ability to have unique information layouts for different types of products.
    For example a Music Video needs to have different information stored and displayed, compared to say a Garden Bench.

    Downloads are not activated until payment has been received.

    When your customer pays using a payment module whose configuration is set to "Orders Status: Pending", it means you've requested that all purchases with that module mean you DO NOT yet have the payment.

    So, if that is the intended behavior, great! Then once you've verified payment then you need to go in to your admin, click on that order, click on Edit, ...

    In order to use the USPS module, you need to have a USPS WebTools account, signed up to use their Rate Calculator API.
    1. If you have an account with USPS for using shipping assistance this is not the same as the WebTools user ID needed for the shopping cart.
    2. You must have a separate WebTools user ID for each web store.
    3. Here is the link for registering.

    This suggests you have something wrong with any of:
    - username
    - password
    - database name
    - database host/server
    - security settings on your database

    When you created your database, did you grant the user access to the database?

    Proper database-configuration ...

    This message usually occurs when you have no available shipping modules for that customer's address.

    A module is unavailable for one of two reasons:
    1. it's not installed
    2. ...


    When I'm testing payments on my shop using PayPal Website Payments Standard, it takes me to a screen where I'm asked to login to my PayPal account. But, I don't want my customers to be asked to login. I want them to see clearly that they can pay via Credit Card instead of having ...

    FIRST ... is the slowness *only* for the admin area? If you also see the *same* slowness in your storefront, this FAQ does not apply to your situation.

    Slowness logging in to the Admin area

    When you first log in to the Admin area, Zen Cart attempts to talk to the Zen Cart versioning server to see if updates are available. If it can't find the server ...

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