• PayPal UK and Zen Cart

      Zen Cart® and PayPal: an All-in-One solution

      PayPal offers several products for your convenience

      With 20 million accounts in the UK and over 140 million worldwide, PayPal is a popular payment method amongst millions of online shoppers and one of the global leaders in online payments.

      It's a fast and secure way for customers to pay online via all major debit and credit cards, online bank transfers or via payments from PayPal account holders. Customers don’t even need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.

      PayPal is affordable for businesses of all sizes.
      PayPal offers chargeback protection on qualifying transactions.
      PayPal offers various products to suit your business needs and size:
      • PayPal Website Payments Pro
        Website Payments Pro is an all-in-one payments solution that enables a merchant to accept debit and credit card payments directly on your website. You also gain the benefits of PayPal Express Checkout. It's the smart, scalable way to grow business.
      • PayPal Express Checkout
        Express Checkout is PayPal's fastest checkout solution. Customers can pay easily, quickly, and securely in as few as three clicks. The customer initiates and approves PayPal payments earlier in the checkout process, and shipping and billing information is sent immediately from PayPal to your website.
      • PayPal Website Payments Standard
        Website Payments Standard is an easy and secure way for customers to pay online. Buyers shop on your website, pay on PayPal and return to your site. Set up can be completed in as little as a few minutes.

      Looking for more information? Contact PayPal UK on 0800 358 7912.

      Here's how to put Zen Cart® and PayPal to work for your business.

      • Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Zen Cart®
      • Step 2: Set Up a Verified PayPal Business Account
        • Merchants who don't have an existing PayPal account:
          1. Go to PayPal [link]
          2. Click Sign Up Today.
          3. Set up an account for Business Owners.
          4. Follow the instructions on the PayPal site.
        • Merchants who already have a Personal or Premier account:
          1. Go to PayPal [link]
          2. Log in and click the Upgrade your Account link.
          3. Click the Upgrade Now button.
          4. Choose to upgrade to a Business account and follow instructions to complete the upgrade.
          5. If you haven't already, add a bank account to become a Verified member. Follow the instructions on the PayPal site. (This process may take 2-3 business days.)
      • Step 3: Setup API Access
        For a quick shortcut to your API credentials, click here
        Or use the longer process described below:
        1. Log in to your PayPal Business account. (Not your Manager console yet)
        2. Click the Profile subtab located in the top navigation area
        3. Click the Request API Credentials (or it may say API Access) link under the Account Information header.
        4. Under Option 2: Request API Credentials, click View API signature
        5. You will be presented with information showing your API signature credentials:
        6. Write down the values listed next to API Username, API Password, and Signature
        7. Use these values to configure the API SIGNATURE settings in the PayPal Express Checkout module in your Zen Cart™ admin area, as explained below:

      • Step 4: Configure your Zen Cart site with your PayPal settings
        1. Log in to your Zen Cart® admin area
        2. Hover over the Modules menu, and click on Payment
        3. Click the PayPal Express Checkout module. Click Install or Edit.
        4. Fill in your desired settings. For the API Username/Password/Signature, use the values from #5/6/7 above.
        5. For the PayPal Mode, choose Payflow-UK.
        6. Click Update to store the selection and have the module switch modes.
        7. Click Edit again, and scroll down to the Payflow User/Vendor/Partner/Password fields, and enter your PayPal Manager login details as supplied to you by your PayPal account representative.
        8. Click Save to store your changes.
        9. Click on PayPal Website Payments Pro. Click on Install or Edit
        10. For the Merchant Country, choose UK.
        11. Click Update to store the change.
        12. If you are accepting Maestro/Switch/Solo cards, click Edit again, and enter your Cardinal Merchant ID and password, using the details supplied to you by your PayPal / Cardinal representative. Click Update to save them.
        13. Further: If you intend to offer support for Maestro/Switch/Solo cards, you'll need to go to Admin->Configuration->Credit Cards and enable the appropriate choices there.

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