• My site cannot be reached...admin cannot be reached.....error message 0 DB_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED Where did my cart go? where did my admin go?

    0 DB_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED is an error message that appears if your MySQL database cannot be reached.

    Zen Cart uses the security credentials in your /includes/configure.php file (or your /admin/includes/configure.php when accessing your admin section) in order to connect to your database.  If the database is not reachable using those credentials, the 0 DB_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED message will be displayed.

    Things to check or do:
    1. Double-check that the information in your configure.php files is correct.
    2. Check that the database specified in the configure.php files actually exists.
    3. Check that the username specified in the configure.php files exists and has been granted access to the database specified in the configure.php files.
    4. Run a "repair" on the database. Most hosts have a Database Repair option listed beside the database names in the webhosting control panel. Ask your host if you need help finding this.
    5. Talk to your hosting company to determine whether they are doing some sort of maintenance on the database.  Tell them that your website cannot connect to your MySQL database, and ask them for some assistance in getting that working again.

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