• Would like to set up individual shipping charges per item. That is, Item A will cost $25.00 per item to ship and Item B would cost $30.00 per item to ship. How can this be done?

    For further discussion see https://docs.zen-cart.com/user/shipp...item_shipping/

    The per-weight shipping module can be used for this.

    1. Turn on the Per-Unit (perweightunit) shipping module in Admin->Modules->Shipping

    2. Now manually edit *each* product and enter the shipping cost as the product "weight".
        This module uses the product-weight as the shipping rate for this product ... ie: it is no longer the weight -- it is only the shipping cost.

    3. Turn off weight display everywhere, since it is no longer meaningful.
        a) Admin->Catalog->Product Types->[select your product type]->Edit Layout->Show weight->false
        b) Admin->Configuration->Shipping/Packaging->Display Number of Boxes and Weight Status
        c) Admin->Configuration->index listing / all listing / new listing / featured listing ... turn off the weight on these
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