• Can I use phpsuexec mode on my server?

    Yes, Zen Cart will run in a phpsuexec environment. However, you will need to work with your server administrator to determine the correct file-permissions mask to use for marking files read-only so that the "warning: configure.php files are writable" alert doesn't appear. Sometimes this may mean setting permissions as low as 444 or even 400.  Your host should be able to help you with these limitations.

     If your host is running phpsuexec for security reasons, you will get a 500 Internal Error if you upload .htaccess files to your server while trying to control php settings. 
    If you are using .htaccess with php_ value_entries within it, you would receive an internal server 500 error when attempting to access the scripts, if you your host has phpsuexec installed.
    This is because php is no longer running as an apache module and apache will not handle those directives any longer.
    All php values should be commented out or removed from your .htaccess files and placed in a php.ini file.  This can be achieved by creating a text file and naming it php.ini and copying all of  your php_value_entries in it and then uploading the php.ini to avoid this issue. Placing a php.ini file in its place should solve this issue.
    So, if your host is running phpsuexec and you can't edit your php.ini file, you can modify your php.ini settings by uploading a text file named "php.ini" to your Zen Cart or "/public_html/" directory. The file should contain any or all of the following example directives:  (only use flags and values that you need to modify)
    php_value memory_limit 96M
    php_flag output_buffering on
    More help can be found here:  http://us3.php.net/configuration.changes
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