• How do I add additional links to the Header and Footer?

    CAPITALIZED words refer to a folder or language that you choose. We use CUSTOM for your template and ENGLISH for your language by default. These generic terms should be changed to  the name of the  template/language you are using.

    There are two options for adding additional links to the header and footer of your site.

    OPTION 1:

    Additional links requires editing two files; tpl_header.php and tpl_footer.php.
    You can add internal page links as well external links. We'll use tpl_header.php in this article, but the same procedures would apply to tpl_footer.php.

    Adding an internal page link (let's use the Contact Us page in this example.)

    In your text editor open includes -> templates -> template_default -> common -> tpl_header.php

     find the following code:
    <!--bof-navigation display-->
    <div id="navMainWrapper">
    <div id="navMain">
    <ul class="back">
    <li><?php echo '<?php echo '<a href="' . HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG . '">'; ?><?php echo HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG; ?></a></li>

    Add the following code just below the last line in the above code.

    <?php if (DEFINE_CONTACT_US_STATUS <= 1) { ?>
        <li><?php echo '<a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US, '', 'SSL') . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_CONTACT . '</a>'; ?></li>
      <?php } ?>

    You would add an external link as outlined above.
    <li><a href="http://your_external_link.com">Your Link Text</a></li>

    Save the edited file to includes -> templates -> CUSTOM -> common -> tpl_header.php and upload to your server.

    OPTION 2:

    Make sure the EZ-Pages header or footer are activated - admin -> configuration -> EZ-Pages Settings and turn them on.

    Using EZ-Pages - Go to admin -> tools -> EZ-Pages and click the New File Button.

    Fill in the Page Title Box (in our example add Contact Us)

    Select Where you want the link to appear:
    Header -> select Yes and add a Sort Order
    Footer -> select Yes and add a Sort Order

    Scroll down to the Internal Link URL box
    Add your link as follows - index.php?main_page=contact_us (You would follow this procedure for whatever page you are adding)

    Click the Insert Button and your finished.
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