• How can I program a link to an EZ-Page?

    For simple menus made up of EZ-Pages and non-EZ-Pages, the best solution is often to use the internal and external link functions within EZ-Pages to bring all of the links into your EZ-Pages' menus. However, sometimes this is not sufficient. An example might be if you only wanted the EZ-Page to be shown when certain conditions were met.

    To program an EZ-Page link we can make use of the zen_ez_pages_link() function that is built into Zen Cart. This will compile and return the <a> tag with the EZ-pages information. First you will need to know the EZ-Page ID and chapter number of the page to which you want the link to point. You can find this information by going to Admin > Tools > EZ-Pages. You will find the ID in the left hand column and the chapter number in a column over towards the right of the page.

    Armed with this information you can now construct a link based on the following code model.

    <?php echo zen_ez_pages_link(page ID, chapter number, page is SSL [true/false], open new window [true/false], return full url [true/false]); ?>

    You must enter a valid page ID as the first parameter. The other parameters are optional and default to 0 for chapter and false for the others. (Hint: Usually you will set the last three parameters to false, false and true respectively.)

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