• I'm trying to create a long EZ-Page but it keeps getting cut off. How can I stop this?

    EZ-Pages are stored in your database. The field that contains the HTML can store approximately 65,000 characters - anything after that will be lost.

    To store more you have two options:
    1. increase the size of this database field or
    2. hold the information on a new page outside of the database
    To increase the size of the database field, you would use your database management tool (e.g. phpMyAdmin) to open the ezpages table and then change the field type for pages_html_text from text to mediumtext. This will give it a capacity of 16 million characters. If that's not enough (wow, what are you doing!) then you can change it to longtext which will give you a cool 4 trillion characters with which to play.
    Alternatively you could use the extra pages (page_2, page_3 and page_4) which are shipped with Zen Cart and customize them as described in this FAQ entry. This would be slightly more complex, but offer quicker performance and more flexibility.
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