• Is it possible to make some of my sideboxes appear only when a visitor is logged in?

    It's both possible and straightforward. Just four simple steps.

    1. Locate the module for the sidebox (or boxes) that you want to treat like this. You'll find them in includes/modules/sideboxes.

    2. Create over-ride files for them by copying them to includes/modules/sideboxes/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME.

    3. Open the over-ride file and find a couple of lines that look similar to

    // test if box should display
    $show_featured= true;

    These were taken from the featured_products products sidebox and the variable name for your box will probably differ slightly. Then change them to

    // test if box should display
    if (!$_SESSION['customer_id']) {
    $show_featured= false;
    } else {
    $show_featured= true;

    4. Upload to your server and enjoy.
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