• Why can't I make new posts on the forum?

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    I need to make a post to the forum but cannot.

    1. The forum can be found at: https://www.zen-cart.com/forum.php
    2. New forum members must complete their registration by confirming their email address. When you register, the forum will send an email to the email address you entered. That email will contain a link you need to click in order to confirm your address. Alternate methods are discussed in the email itself in case the link cannot be "clicked" in your email program.
    3. Once you have confirmed your email address via the instructions in the email you receive, you will have access to the forum.

    I've confirmed my email address but don't know how to create new threads.

    1. There are three ways to create posts on the forum:
      1. Click the "New Thread" button in a forum's topic listing.
      2. Click the "Reply" button in an existing thread.
      3. Click the "Quote" button in an existing thread, which will quote that existing post's content in your reply.  Use only when appropriate.
    2. Some sections of the forum labelled "Archived" are read-only and cannot be posted in.
      If you wish to continue discussion on an archived topic, first check to see whether it's already been continued elsewhere by another person, by doing a search about the issue discussed. Then reply to that existing discussion if your issue is the same as the one discussed.
      Or, start a new thread on the topic, choosing the appropriate category.

    Where is the "New Thread" button mentioned above?

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