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    "template_default" is the master set of template files. Don't touch these (except when doing an upgrade).

    "classic" is a sample custom template. ...

    Yes, you can. Firstly, if you don't already have one, create an over-ride file for tpl_main_page.php in your includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/common directory.

    There is enormous scope within this one module to create turn the left and right hand columns on and off according to which page or category is to be displayed. Open it up and you will see a large comment at the top explaining some of them. Here are a few examples to help illustrate that ...

    If you wished to turn off the left hand column for the "contact us" and "terms & conditions" pages, find the following block of code ...

    For example, I sell things to owners of dogs.  In the regular categories box I have created a list of breeds. In my new box I would like to have product type list such as "pillows", "afghans", ...

    You can install WinMerge by downloading the latest version from their website at the WinMerge Downloads Page

    After installing, run it.

    To compare files press CTRL-O (File | Open) and choose the desired individual files to compare.
    Or, drag-and-drop files from an explorer window onto the WinMerge window. The 2nd file you drag onto WinMerge ...

    Wherever you see a folder named "classic" you can safely add your own /CUSTOM folder.





    Open your Admin.

    Point your cursor at "Tools" on the menu bar.

    Choose "Layout Boxes Controller".

    Click on the box that you would like to move ...

    From Zen Cart 1.3.0 this became very easy to do with CSS. The exact method will depend upon whether you are creating a small image to be repeated, or a image that will either span the box or is intended to be centred within it. (There are of course other design possibilities but we'll concentrate on these for the moment).

    Firstly create your image and place it in the images directory of your template.

    If you haven't already done so, create an includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME folder and copy your includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/header.php file to it.

    Open the file in your ...

    CAPITALIZED words refer to a folder or language that you choose. We use CUSTOM for your template and ENGLISH for your language by default. These generic terms should be changed to  the name of the  template/language you are using.

    To change the title text to say what you want, open the includes/languages/english/meta_tags.php file in your text editor. Find the following line of code:

    // page title
    define('TITLE', 'Zen Cart!');

    // Site Tagline
    define('SITE_TAGLINE', 'The Art of E-commerce');

    Replace the title and tagline text with your own text, making sure that the single quote marks are not left out and new quote marks are ...

    Product Information Pages
    You can enable/disable various options at the per-product-type level:
    1. Open your Admin.
    2. Put the cursor ...

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