• No data in my store after moving to another server/host. Or error 1146 Table 'xyz.configuration' doesn't exist

    Moving To Another  Server

    To move your site to a new host, you should follow the instructions listed in the FAQ entitled I want to move my Zen Cart installation to another host or a different server.

    No Data


    "1146 Table 'configuration' doesn't exist" messages

    After moving, or after installation, if you're getting "1146 Table 'configuration' doesn't exist" (or a similar doesn't exist message), or if you're not seeing the data you imported from your old server, then you probably missed an important step in the instructions in the FAQ article mentioned above.

    If it's saying that the "configuration" table doesn't exist, then it's connecting to a database somewhere, but not the one that contains Zen Cart tables.

    So, make sure that you've properly set the database server/host name, database name, username/password properly for the new server in your configure.php files.

    If you've followed the FAQ on moving to a new server ( http://www.zen-cart.com/content.php?142-i-want-to-move-my-zen-cart-installation-to-another-host-or-a-different-server ) then before you imported your data, the store should have been working. If not, then you've got an "installation" problem, not a "move" problem.


    Additionally, if you're importing data from another server, it's important, as mentioned in the FAQ, to use the SAME setting for DB_PREFIX on the new server as you had on the old server. Otherwise you're telling it to point to a set of tables in your database that may be incorrect or don't exist at all.

    DB_PREFIX is defined in your configure.php files.

    If it's defined as blank, then Zen Cart assumes there is no prefix added to table names.
    If it's defined with some value, then Zen Cart adds that prefix to the start of all table names when it generates a query to extract data from the database.

    So, in the case of the "configuration" table, if the prefix is left blank, then Zen Cart looks for a table named "configuration". If the prefix is defined as "storedata_" then Zen Cart looks for a table named "storedata_configuration".  Some people have used "zen_".

    That's why the FAQ about moving hosts tells you to make sure you use the same DB_PREFIX setting in your new site as you did in your old site. That way when you import your data from the old server to the new one, your new store will be able to find the tables used for Zen Cart.
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