• We cannot process your payment at this time. Please retry your purchase (PayPal)

    Customer is attempting to complete a purchase and paying via PayPal. They login, provide payment details, and click the Pay Now or Continue button, and they are greeted with the following message and taken back to the PayPal login page, and no details are recorded in your store:

    The Reason: You have your PayPal account configured to use Fraud Management Filters, and the customer's transaction has triggered one of your rules which you've configured for a "Deny" response.

    Action to Resolve: You will have to review your PayPal Fraud Management Filters to remove the restriction you've imposed which is causing the customer's transaction to be declined.

    You can access your Fraud Management Filters settings by logging in to your PayPal merchant Account, clicking on "Profile", and choosing "Fraud Management Filters" (or "Risk Controls" if your account is an older account).
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