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    Contributed by wilt

    UK Tax, First of all although it will help UK customers enter their address you do not need to add counties to the database to get the tax to work.

    Heres how to do it, and I am assuming here that you want to have VAT added for goods shipping to any EEC country.

    Admin->Locations/Taxes->Zone Definitions

    Click on insert.
    Name of Zone EEC ...

    Is there a way I can get it to select a certain Tax class automatically from Tax Class to Products Price (Net): i.e. without having select the Tax in admin via entering products?

    1. Find out the tax class ID number in Admin> Locations/Taxes> ...

    There are two parts to configuring your currency settings. The first is whether you want to accept more than one currency and the second is adding the new currency.


    by Ajeh

    You can control your banners in Admin> Tools> Banner Manager.

    You will see that you can add delete and edit the banners at will.

    To add a new banner, click the "New Banner" button.

    To edit an existing one and change its link, its picture, etc, click on the banner you want to change, and click the "Edit" button.

    You can enable and disable any particular banner by clicking on the red/green status button.

    You might want ...


    If you find that the HTML editors aren't working properly for you due to the browser you use, the easiest workaround is to turn off the ...

    When Products are purchased... you can setup a minimum quantity and a maximum quantity as well as the units that they must be ordered in ...

    • Minimum - the minimum number that you can buy for the product  (Default ...

    Admin -> Catalog -> Products Price Manager

    - Select the product
    - Edit
    - click the "add 5 blank discounts" button
    - fill in the details ...

    Open the Admin, point your cursor at Catalog in the top menu. Choose Categories/Products from the drop down menu. On the new page, click the "X" icon (red) on the right side of the page.

    From the next ...

    Say, for example, you wish to change the welcome email text because you do not plan to use the "Product Reviews" feature, and don't wish it to be advertised to your customers.

    1. Look at the welcome email you received as a new customer. ( You have created an account with the shop you are developing, right?)

    2. Find the text in that email that you wish to change.
    In this example, you desire to remove:

    Products Reviews ...

    Open the Admin, point your cursor at Catalog in the top menu. Choose Categories/Products from the drop down menu.Click the new category button.

    On the next page fill in the category name, etc. in the ...

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