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    Zone Definitions can be created by adding 1 by 1 each Zone or can be created quickly with some SQL commands that can be run in the Zen Cart Admin from the Tools ... Install SQL Patches ...

    Be careful when creating Zone Definitions such as Zone Definitions for the United States.
    Country: United States
    Zone: All Zones

    is the United States with All Zones that includes all 50 States, DC, US Islands and Territories such as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and the Armed Forces. ...

    There are a number of different date formats used around the world, and the approach for changing to any of them is broadly the same. In this tutorial we'll show how to change from the default US format to the dd/mm/yyyy format used in most other English-speaking countries and those speaking many other languages. As date formats are generally language-specific (or in the case of English, dialect-specific) we'll be editing two Zen Cart language files to make this change.

    1. open file includes/languages/<YOUR_TEMPLATE>/<YOUR_LANGUAGE>.php

    (if this file doesn't exist, create it by copying the file includes/languages/<YOUR_LANGUAGE>.php to this location).

    2. find this section:

    @setlocale(LC_TIME, 'en_US.ISO_8859-1');
    define('DATE_FORMAT_SHORT', '%m/%d/%Y'); // this is used for strftime()
    define('DATE_FORMAT_LONG', '%A %d %B, %Y'); // this is used for strftime()
    define('DATE_FORMAT', 'm/d/Y'); // this is used for date()
    define('DATE_TIME_FORMAT', DATE_FORMAT_SHORT . ' %H:%M:%S');
    and replace with:
    @setlocale(LC_TIME, 'en_GB.ISO_8859-1');

    Address formats are based on international ISO standard formats.
    You can see their layouts listed here:
    http://www.zen-cart.com/wiki/index.php/Table_address_format ...

    If you haven't configured taxes yet, please see the related articles on setting up taxes.  If you have set up taxes according to the instructions, but they don't seem to be working as expected, use the following list as a guide. If you intend to request assistance on the forum, please include the answers ...

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