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    You can set up a product which can act as a variable-price amount, ideal for accepting donations, as follows:

    1. Create a product, with a ...

    If you want to offer a coupon, you need to first enable the coupon system:

    Go to: Admin->Modules->Order Total->Discount Coupons (ot_coupon). 
    If it's not already installed, click Install to enable it.

    Creating Coupons

    Now, in your Admin area, you have a menu item entitled "Gift Certificates/Coupons".  Click on the Coupon Admin option.

    Next, you create a coupon by clicking Insert.  ...

    by Ajeh - Linda McGrath

    There are 3 parts to attributes:
    • Option Name
    • Option Value
    • Attribute on the product

    Defining Option Names:

    Admin -> Catalog -> Option Name Manager



    a) Order (This is the sort order the Option Name displays on the screen.)

    b) Select an Option Type:
    • Dropdown (note when only 1 option value this will automatically be switched to a Radio Button and later when more than one value it will automatically switch to the dropdown)
    • Radio Button
    • ...

    NOTE: CHECK OUT THE IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT DOWNLOAD SETTINGS, near the bottom of this article ...

    Downloads are handled as product attributes.
    So, FIRST you should familiarize yourself with: setting up attributes.

    NOTE: Download files must be loaded (usually by FTP) to your store's  /download directory before trying to link those files to products/attributes .

    Click here for a Video Tutorial covering many of the points in this article

    To add a Download Attribute to a product

    1. Go to Option Names ... and create an Option Name that is either Radiobutton or Dropdown ...
      Call it something like:  ...

    Instead of showing a product image thumbnail and the product's name, I'm seeing just the product name, but twice!

    Additional information: Using FireFox browser. ...

    You have Products, Downloads and some Combo Products ...

    First, let's make sure that you have Products setup correctly ... ...

    Downloads are not activated until payment has been received.

    When your customer pays using a payment module whose configuration is set to "Orders Status: Pending", it means you've requested that all purchases with that module mean you DO NOT yet have the payment.

    So, if that is the intended behavior, great! Then once you've verified payment then you need to go in to your admin, click on that order, click on Edit, ...

    Yes. If you haven't created it yet, set up the product that you want to be listed in two or more categories. Go to the category in which you put that product ...

    There are two setups required in order to allow customers to purchase in quantities less than 1:

    1. Change a setting in your admin:  Admin->Configuration->Stock->Product ...


    On my product pages, I'm seeing images from other products showing under my product description.  Why? How do I change this?


    The "additional images" feature is causing this.


    You have two options:

    a) rename your images so they don't share a common filename.  Right now since you have one product with "abc.jpg" as the name, and another ...

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