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    To do this you will need to edit the sidebox module for each of the sideboxes whose behavior you wish to change. The exact change will depend upon ...

    There are two ways to turn off the EZ-pages header bar. Firstly, it won't show if there are no links there, so turning off all link in the header (Admin > ...

    EZ-Pages are stored in your database. The field that contains the HTML can store approximately 65,000 characters - anything after that will be lost.

    To store more you have two options:
    1. increase the size of this database field or
    2. ...

    For simple menus made up of EZ-Pages and non-EZ-Pages, the best solution is often to use the internal and external link functions within EZ-Pages to bring all of the links into your EZ-Pages' menus. However, sometimes this is not sufficient. An example might ...


    EZ-Pages is a fast, easy way of creating links and additional pages.

    The additional Pages can be for:
    • New Pages
    • Internal Links
    • External Links
    • Secure or Non-Secure pages
    • Same or New Window
    In Addition, there is the ability to create "related" links in the format of a Chapter (group) and its TOC (related pages/links).

    Link Naming

    Links are named by the Page Title. All Links need a Page Title in order to function.

    If you forget to add a Page Title, then you will not be able to add the Link.

    If you do not assign an Order for the Header, Sidebox or Footer, then the Link will not display even if you have a Page Title.

    Link Placement

    While you have the option of adding Additional Links to the Header, Footer and Sidebox with EZ-Pages, you are not limited to these three Link locations. Links can be in one or more locations simply by enabling the Order for the Location(s) where the Link should appear..

    The Link Location Status for the Header, Footer and Sidebox is controlled simply by setting these to Yes or No for each setting. Then, set the Order in which the Link should appear for each location.

    This means that if you were to set Header to Yes 30 and Sidebox to Yes 50 then the link would appear ...

    It certainly is.

    To insert the text, we firstly create some over-ride files. If it doesn't already exist, create the following directory


    and copy includes/templates/template_default/sideboxes/tpl_ezpages.php into it. Similarly, if they don't already ...

    The site map page does not currently support EZ-Pages, however there is a contribution available from the download section to allow you to add in those ...

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