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    What is a Contribution/Addon/Plugin?

    The Open Source community has many great benefits. One such benefit is the ability for many people to collectively share their knowledge, creativity, and expertise by extending the capabilities of existing software products.  It's very common for someone to install a product such as Zen Cart® and want to make some customizations unique to their business, and then share those changes by contributing back to the Zen Cart® community for everyone's benefit.  Packaging up the new/changed files along with instructions on how to implement those onto another site is essentially what a contribution/addon comprises.

    Acceptable Contributions

    Addon/Contribution/Plugin authors who wish to ...

    A number of features have been changed or added in v1.5.0. This may have broken some addons which were built for older versions. The following information may be helpful as you prepare to upgrade your site and/or convert your custom code or addons to work with v1.5

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