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    Here are some suggestions, assuming you're running the latest-released version of Zen Cart:

    1. Turn off Category Counts, especially if you have a large number of categories.
    a. Admin->Config->My Store->Show Category Counts=false
    b. Admin->Config->My Store->Show Category Counts-Admin = false
    (this second one is for admin-area only when editing catalog)

    2. Disable the Manufacturers sidebox if you don't need it.
    Admin->Tools->Layout Boxes

    There are various steps one can follow to fine-tune server performance, depending on skill level and the kind of control one has over the webserver. The following are topics which may be of useful consideration especially if your server is performing poorly.


    What Are The Parse Time Numbers

    If you have enabled the display of parse times, you will see some statistical information in the footer of your pages, which looks like this:
    Parse Time: 0.314 - Number of Queries: 446 - Query Time: 0.123679
    Here's what they mean, in reverse order:

    The SQL/Query Time is the time spent waiting ...

    The purpose of GZIP Compression: This causes pages to be compressed before being transmitted from server to browser, making the transmitted data smaller, thus speeding delivery.
    This is especially beneficial for servers running Windows operating system.

    When to Use It
    However, ...

    The ability to upload files to your Zen Cart site (via a browser, such as Firefox) is affected by several factors:

    PHP Limits on your Server

    Your hosting company has configured your server with certain capabilities and limitations. The default configuration for PHP uploads ...

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