• How do I set up Customer Referral Tracking?

    Zen Cart has referral-tracking functionality built-in, using coupon codes. This can be ideal for tracking commissions for specific salespeople, crowdsourcing, campaign tracking, fundraising, etc.

    a) create a coupon
    b) give that coupon code it to your friend/salesperson/campaign/fundraiser/etc
    c) they give it to their friend/mailinglist/fundraising-customer, who buys
    d) the coupon code is stored as the referral source and tied to that customer when they place their order

    Repeat steps a-c for the rest of your friends, and step d takes care of the rest.

    Turn the whole thing on via Admin->Configuration->Customer Details->Customers Referral Status = 1:

    Customers Referral Status
    Customers Referral Code is created from
    0= Off
    1= 1st Discount Coupon Code used
    2= Customer can add during create account or edit if blank

    NOTE: Once the Customers Referral Code has been set it can only be changed in the Admin->Customers screen.

    Tracking the Results
    In the Admin->Reports menu there is a Customers Referral Tracking report which shows you the sales made to customers using those coupons.

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