• How do I find out what files to edit?

    I want to make changes to the text that shows up in xxxxxxxxx spot on xxxxxx page. How do I find out what where it is, and what file to change?

    1. Use a good search tool that can handle standard text files using a .PHP extension (WinGrep is a great tool for this!)
    ONE SUCH TOOL ALREADY AVAILABLE right on your Zen Cart Admin area, under the "Tools" menu, is the "Developers Toolkit"... you can enter the words you're looking for right there, and it'll point out the files in just a couple seconds.

    2. Search everything under the "includes" folder for the text you are trying to change/edit/delete.

    3. That'll show you the text inside a "define" statement much like this:

       define('TEXT_GREET_USER','Welcome to my site');

    4. This is where you'll be making your changes. You should be sure to save the file according to the Template Overrides concept (see the Overrides Explained FAQ:)

    5. Then use this article to be sure you put your CHANGES into the right place:

    6. IF YOU ARE desiring to modify the PHP code that "uses" the text you just located, then you need to do another search -- ie: for the TEXT_GREET_USER (constant name that you just found), and find the files it's used in. The logic for how to use that constant in another file will be there. Also, it'll reveal to you "which" files to consider for modifying as you desire.

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