• How do I turn off Reviews and/or Tell A Friend?

    Product Information Pages
    You can enable/disable various options at the per-product-type level:
    1. Open your Admin.
    2. Put the cursor over Catalog on the top menu.
    3. Choose Product Types from the dropdown.
    4. Choose Products General (or the product type you are customizing).
    5. Click Edit Layout and turn off any settings you do not want to display.

    The settings for Reviews and Tell-A-Friend on this screen are related to the corresponding buttons that appear on the product-information page (for each product).

    To turn off/on the Reviews and/or Tell-A-Friend sideboxes:
    1. Open your Admin.
    2. Put the cursor over Tools on the top menu.
    3. Choose "Layout Boxes Controller" from the pulldown menu
    4. You may turn various boxes off/on by editing a particular entry, making the changes, and saving the settings.

    If you have turned these settings off and your site is being used to send spam emails via the tell-a-friend feature, then you can "break" the page they're using by using your FTP program and deleting from your server the /includes/modules/pages/tell_a_friend/ folder and its files.
    This folder doesn't exist in versions v1.5.0 and newer, unless you've added it back yourself.
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