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Ship200 Multi Carrier Shipping Software - OneByOne Ship200 Multi Carrier Shipping Software - OneByOne : Ship200 is Multi Carrier (Fedex, UPS, USPS) Shipping Software which allows you to print shipping labels in bulk or individually and integrate process of creating labels directly into you ZenCart. N ... [more] 8 May 2015 74
DHL eCommerce/Global Mail DHL eCommerce/Global Mail : This module is for DHL eCommerce also know as Global Mail. This is NOT for their traditional services. Contains DB tables for the following processing centers, EWS, ORD, LAX. There is no API calls ... [more] 20 Apr 2015 63
Products Restricted Zones Products Restricted Zones : This will allow you to set a products that can/can't be shipped to certain zones. Admin -> Locations / Taxes -> Zones Definitions Then taking those values set up your values in Admin -> Configurat ... [more] 8 Apr 2015 138
DHL Shipping DHL Shipping : This module is for DHL shipping, you will need your own account number and API credentials from DHL 17 Feb 2015 614
zones2 zones2 : Often cheaper shipment without track & trace can be done until a certain weight. However if you want to offer customers a choice to have track & trace or not, then this might be a solution. Included ... [more] 4 Feb 2015 81
Multi-Carrier Shipping Rates Multi-Carrier Shipping Rates : *** NOTE: A MONTHLY FEE IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS MODULE *** Our Shipping Rates API will "fill the gaps" many other shipping calculators have in their capabilities to generate accurate shipping rates ... [more] 31 Jan 2015 117 ShipRush Configuration ShipRush Configuration : This allows a store owner (with less php knowledge) to install/configure the shipping program. Also includes instructions to modify for ShipRush 27 Jan 2015 176
Product Delivery by Postcode (PDP) Product Delivery by Postcode (PDP) : Product Delivery By Postcode (PDP) allows restricting delivery of certain products to specified (local) postcodes. PDP relies on two shipping modules: the new shipping module named Local Deliv ... [more] 19 Jan 2015 707
auspostcode auspostcode : In Australia, shipping zones based on state boundaries are as useful as teets on a bull. It can be double the price to post to Port Hedland as it is to Perth. Yet both are both in Western Australia! S ... [more] 15 Sep 2014 218
Override Shipping No Price Module Override Shipping No Price Module : This addon allows you to set a list of product(s) and instead of charging any shipping cost/or charging a set shipping cost in checkout as well as delivering a message such as "we will contact you wit ... [more] 11 Aug 2014 186
Lambda Shipping Tables Lambda Shipping Tables : This is a Group of 10 Shipping tables that allows you to set different rates for Wholesale & Retail Customers. It also allows you to change the name of the service being offered. 22 Jul 2014 125
Canada Post Shipping Module Canada Post Shipping Module : Canada Post Shipping module with dimension support 17 Jul 2014 17,494
Ship200 Shipping Addon for USPS, Fedex, UPS Ship200 Shipping Addon for USPS, Fedex, UPS : PLEASE NOTE THIS VERSION IS DEPRECATED. See new versions here: ---------- Sh ... [more] 29 Dec 2013 419
FedEx Freight LTL FedEx Freight LTL : This module allows Zen Cart stores to offer FedEx Freight LTL shipping rate quotes to their customers. Using the FedEx Freight LTL XML API, the module will quickly return both FedEx Priority and FedEx ... [more] 18 Nov 2013 750
Shipping Rates in Cart Shipping Rates in Cart : There are times when the shipping estimator is just plain overkill. For example, you only ship to one country and you use the flat-rate shipping module. Instead of confusing customers and letting them ... [more] 11 Nov 2013 4,639
Optional Shipping Insurance Module Optional Shipping Insurance Module : This is not necessarily a "shipping" module, as it gets installed under order total, but I'm putting it here, since it has to do with shipping. This will work with as far back as 1.2.7, perhaps eve ... [more] 9 Oct 2013 8,164
Priority Order Handling Priority Order Handling : Enables customer to specify "rush handling" and you to charge an appropriate service fee for this premium service. Based on Insurance Shipping module. 30 May 2013 4,147
Dropship Core Dropship Core : This plugin adds the core capabilities for the support of drop shipments in Zen Cart. Pages and profiles are added to allow administrative users to maintain drop shipment information about suppliers a ... [more] 15 Apr 2013 1,018
Basic UK Mail Basic UK Mail : A module to provide local and International shipping for UK Zen Cart stores. Ported and updated from the OsC UK Shipping Methods contribution Shipping Methods Added: (1) Royal Mail First Cla ... [more] 1 Apr 2013 1,615
UK Shipping by Postcode UK Shipping by Postcode : Parcelforce, DHL, UPS, FedEx, City Link, Hermes, HDNL, TNT, and most UK carriers charge extra for carriage of packages outside of mainland England. The UK Shipping by Postcode module enables you t ... [more] 15 Mar 2013 1,409
MarcoB contributed USPS Shipping Module MarcoB contributed USPS Shipping Module : ***** NOTE: THIS MODULE NO LONGER WORKS SINCE JULY 28, 2013 WHEN USPS CHANGED THEIR SERVICES!!!!!!!!!!! USPS RateV4 and IntlRateV2 Shipping Module - Based on the original usps module with a few add ... [more] 3 Feb 2013 3,236
Flat Rate High Speed Shipping Flat Rate High Speed Shipping : This module is very simple; it's just the Flat Rate shipping module, rebranded as "High Speed shipping (2-3 days)" for anyone who wants to have a simple addition for high speed shipping. Installation ... [more] 16 Nov 2012 406
Multiple Address Manager Multiple Address Manager : This module allows Zen Cart store admins to define multiple addresses for their store and then assign products to these addresses (requires Numinix Product Fields). Supported modules can then use thes ... [more] 4 Sep 2012 211
PeriShip Shipping Module PeriShip Shipping Module : The PeriShip Shipping Module allows Zen Cart stores that ship perishable food items to return rates quoted by The module is free to download and can be set up in only a few minutes. A se ... [more] 4 Sep 2012 62
Modulo raccomandata postale italia Modulo raccomandata postale italia : Modulo spedizione raccomandata postale SOLO ITALIA. Istruzioni per installazione nel README presente nel file. 10 Aug 2012 77
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