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Tree Menu Folders Tree Menu Folders : Classic Tree folders menu helps to display category links in a classic and manageable way. This contribution has only been styled and tested to go up to 3 Sub categories deep. Feel free to add more st ... [more] 16 Jul 2008 2,076
Countdown Sidebox with Image Countdown Sidebox with Image : The purpose of this mod is to allow create a Countdown Sidebox with Image by modifiying kuroi's Editable Sidebox. You must first install kuroi's Editable Sidebox. Tested on 1.3.7 and 1.3.8 but sho ... [more] 15 Jun 2008 1,229
Google Translate for Zen-Cart Google Translate for Zen-Cart : This will modify the languages sidebox to display a link to translate your site to many languages. The translate opens in a new window and will translate your shop to the requested lang. 5 May 2008 7,557
Tell to Frend - Sitewide Tell to Frend - Sitewide : DESCRIPTION: This modulde is a modified clone of built in tell_to_friend which allowed you to send recommendations only about products but not EZ-pages, defines, lists or any pages.. This module wil ... [more] 1 May 2008 1,396
Crafty Syntax Live Help Sidebox Crafty Syntax Live Help Sidebox : A sidebox which allows use of Crafty Syntax Live Help with Zencart. Option to pass the Zencart customer name to CSLH chat session. Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) is an open source live support solu ... [more] 26 Apr 2008 7,405
Godaddy SSL Seal + Godaddy Domain Seal Combo Godaddy SSL Seal + Godaddy Domain Seal Combo : This is a pretty cool module for those of you who use Godaddy SSL Site Seal + Godaddy Domain Certification Seal. A very simple site improvement for everyones ecommerce website. Godaddy SSL Site Sea ... [more] 24 Apr 2008 2,124
PHP Live! PHP Live! : PHP Live! enables live help and live customer support communication directly from your website. With PHP Live!, you can provide one-on-one chat assistance in real-time, answer visitor questions and ad ... [more] 22 Apr 2008 5,554
Click-Show-Hide Category Menu Click-Show-Hide Category Menu : Replace the categories sidebox with a dynamic JavaScript click-show-hide menu. Site visitors can expand all your product subcategories instantly without having to reload the page. Category structure i ... [more] 16 Apr 2008 7,792
What's New Scroller What's New Scroller : ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ... [more] 13 Apr 2008 3,129
Credit Card Sidebox Credit Card Sidebox : A sidebox to display the logos of credit cards taken on the site. This is a update to previous version with a new image for the Discover card. 10 Apr 2008 12,391
Categories with ezpages links & TOC Categories with ezpages links & TOC : This mod will enable you to display links to your ezpages in the categories sidebox. This mod will replace your existing modules/sideboxes/categories.php, and templates/template_default/sideboxes/tpl_ ... [more] 13 Mar 2008 2,544
Paypal Verified Logo Paypal Verified Logo : Displays your Paypal Verified status in a sidebox. This version intended for Zen Cart v1.3.x 5 Mar 2008 17,567
Bookmark Sidebox Bookmark Sidebox : This sidebox uses a php browser check function to determine what type of message should be shown in the sidebox. 1. If the user's browser is any type of MSIE (Microsift Internet Explorer), then a li ... [more] 27 Feb 2008 2,433
Manufacturer Info Plus Sidebox Manufacturer Info Plus Sidebox : The main objective of the Manufacturer Info Plus sidebox is to extend the existing Manufacturer Info box built into Zen Cart, to allow it to be displayed not just on the product information page, but ... [more] 5 Feb 2008 1,696
bbCode Forum Linking bbCode Forum Linking : I built a module that would allow customers to link elegantly to my different product pages. There are two options: - Product Name Link (text only) - Product Image Link I am not a ZC guru, so ... [more] 28 Jan 2008 1,293
Live Multi Yahoo&Skype Live Multi Yahoo&Skype : Very easy!!!! 24 Jan 2008 2,961
Random Product Sidebox Random Product Sidebox : Display any product in a sidebox. Based on what's new with no limits so appropriate for small cart with few products. Titled Product of the day though of course it changes with every refresh. 21 Jan 2008 3,009
External Polling Sidebox External Polling Sidebox : External Polling allows you to easily integrate with a hosted polling service such as SurveyMonkey. You can add and delete surveys through the admin panel with no code changes required. 15 Jan 2008 1,767 Merchant Seal Merchant Seal : Intro ============= seal is a service that allows you to offer proof of merchant to customers on your website. It will be an essential part of your web presence. In ... [more] 7 Jan 2008 3,507
Authorize.Net & GeoTrust Smart Icons Authorize.Net & GeoTrust Smart Icons : This module is a combination of the GeoTrust QuickSSL Smart Icon by Rwatson626 and the Merchant Seal by Knuckle-101. It puts both icons together into one sidebox to maintain a cleaner lo ... [more] 3 Jan 2008 1,430
Godaddy SSL Seal Godaddy SSL Seal : Godaddy SSL Seal is a service that allows you to offer Secured payments to customers on your website. It enables you to secure credit card payments. SSL will be an essential part of your web presenc ... [more] 24 Dec 2007 6,047
SiteTrust seal sidebox SiteTrust seal sidebox : This module enables you to display a SiteTrust Network seal as a sidebox on your store. You must be a SiteTrust Network merchant in order to use this contribution. Details can be found at http://www.s ... [more] 11 Dec 2007 975
Live Help Sidebox Live Help Sidebox : The mod can display Live Help icon on your shop(Now, it supports Skype only). 10 Dec 2007 4,902
Cart Sidebox with Free Shipping Qualifier and Chec Cart Sidebox with Free Shipping Qualifier and Chec : Combination of 2 modules - Shopping Cart with Checkout Button by wilkesy and Shopping cart Free Shipping Qualifier originally by VaicekaL._br__br_I've made some slight changes to the original code by ... [more] 5 Dec 2007 2,322
Shopping cart sidebox with checkout button and pro Shopping cart sidebox with checkout button and pro : This module will put an image of the product in your shopping cart sidebox and also provide a checkout button at the bottom of the shopping cart sidebox. This module is a combination of: 1) Shop ... [more] 14 Nov 2007 2,826
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