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Product Info Mod Images Left Side Product Info Mod Images Left Side : This is a mod of Clyde Jone's "Product Info Mod (Left Side)". This mod moves your additional images to directly underneath your main image and centers all images. Column widths for your product images ... [more] 27 May 2007 2,804
O Canada O Canada : Original template author Dieter Schneider Modified by Eric Tremblay Template description = 'Based on Red Passion, I modified it to fit my needs and hopefully the needs of others.' 8 Apr 2007 5,013
Simple Zen Template Simple Zen Template : This is a very simple Zen Cart template (just like I like 'em) with not a lot of clutter, and I'm using only the RIGHT sideboxes. You may use both sides if you like. However there are no background im ... [more] 7 Apr 2007 23,013
Purple Lily Template Purple Lily Template : This template has been designed by our team at Passion Cove Lingerie and is presented here for your use. We have also implemented Better Categories Module from Gilby to add the rollover image to t ... [more] 1 Apr 2007 11,340
Gold Passion Gold Passion : A colour revision of Red Passion version 1.1.2 It is identical to version 1.1.2, except for the colour changes 26 Mar 2007 15,083
Red Passion Red Passion : A clean and simple template, I have tried to make it a little "web2ish". 23 Mar 2007 26,081
Mistik Template Mistik Template : Combination of different tones of teal with a dark grey. Just need to change your logo image, and you are ready to go. I designed the template to use ONLY the LEFT side column/boxes, with a width o ... [more] 27 Feb 2007 17,916
Product Info Display (stacked right) Product Info Display (stacked right) : Stacked (Product information on the right) This contribution modifies the information on the product info display page as follows: Product Attributes Product Name Qty Discounts Product Image A ... [more] 19 Feb 2007 2,979
Product Info Display (stacked left) Product Info Display (stacked left) : Stacked (Product information on the left) This contribution modifies the information on the product info display page as follows: Product Name Product Attributes Product Image Qty Discounts Pr ... [more] 19 Feb 2007 3,671
Product Info Display (right side) Product Info Display (right side) : Side by Side (Product Image on the Right) This contribution modifies the information on the product info display page as follows: Product Name Product Image Product Description Qty Discount ... [more] 19 Feb 2007 3,802
Product Info Mod (left side) Product Info Mod (left side) : Side by Side (Product Image on the Left) This contribution modifies the information on the product info display page as follows: Product Image Product Name Product Description Qty Discounts ... [more] 19 Feb 2007 3,074
Mihluna Template Mihluna Template : A cool theme, inspired by http://vnepomuceno.deviantart.com/. Screenshot: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/4609/mihlunascreenshot3ow.jpg 4 Feb 2007 15,820
TruBlu Template-v1 TruBlu Template-v1 : This is the front-end to the BlueAdmin Template I released. If you like this front, I'd suggest getting the admin one as well to make it match the backend. :) There really wasn't that much to it, j ... [more] 11 Jan 2007 16,917
Purpleshades Template for Zencart V1.3 Purpleshades Template for Zencart V1.3 : This version of the popular Purpleshades template has been updated to work with Zencart V1.3. It is a tables based and CSS version of the template as opposed to just a pure CSS version, making it easi ... [more] 4 Dec 2006 17,312
End Of Summer End Of Summer : A blend of soft greys, reflect the title "End Of Summer". An updated version of my original store template, including my updated reversed navigation header and Gilby's updated Better Categories mod, i ... [more] 15 Nov 2006 22,465
Darkness Template Darkness Template : This template is based off Classic 1.3.5. Basically this template offers a different look for those who enjoy the Classic template but do not like the brighter colors, or want a different feel to it. ... [more] 12 Nov 2006 32,000
Sunflower Orange Sunflower Orange : A orange color rounded corner boxes template based on the default template. 5 Nov 2006 13,681
Clean Blue For Admin Clean Blue For Admin : Blue Admin Theme is a simple change to the admin panel to give it a colour make-over in all areas. It replaces 3 of the current CSS files in the /admin/includes area. 4 Nov 2006 10,362
Blue Sky Blue Sky : Blue is one of my favorite colors so I thought I would spice zencart up a bit with a nice blue theme. I chanced some of the text sizes in the css file and the sidebox border colors and also created a ... [more] 31 Oct 2006 33,985
Sophy Blue-Grey Sophy Blue-Grey : Combination of a sophysticated dark blue with grey (#63859D & #D4D4D4). Just need to change your logo image, and you are ready to go. All images and buttons included, as extra blank buttons. This is t ... [more] 27 Oct 2006 11,551
Future Zen Future Zen : This is a small template that won't be to everybody's taste and won't win any design competitions, but that's not the point. The template has been designed to meet three objectives: 1. To provide n ... [more] 27 Oct 2006 39,132
Wallet Theme Wallet Theme : This is a very simple template in a "wallet flavor". -based off template_default ZenCart v1.3.5 -tested great in Firefox -tested great in IE 6 -has NOT been tested in IE 7 -tested great in O ... [more] 24 Oct 2006 13,505
Extra Colors for 1.3.5 Extra Colors for 1.3.5 : These files allow you to easily change (and protect from overwrite) the basic colors of the new Zen-Cart Classic template. Colors included are blue, brown, gold, gray, pink, purple, and red. Simply ... [more] 13 Sep 2006 12,225
Arch_Shoppe Arch_Shoppe : A great starter template for you to change OR Enjoy the Zen atmosphere with mellow greens and a dash of yellow. ------------------------------------------------------ Arch_Shoppe v.02 Template fo ... [more] 12 Sep 2006 24,075
Mostly Grey CSS Template (Dark) Mostly Grey CSS Template (Dark) : Mostly Grey is self explanatory. To be exact, it's mostly dark grey. This template uses one CSS file, a logo and an icon. It was created from the Bare Bones template. Screenshot: http://www.rowa ... [more] 10 Sep 2006 16,309
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