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myDEBUG Backtrace myDEBUG Backtrace : This plugin builds on the suggestion I made previously to have the database's query_factory class include a debug_backtrace when a database interface error is detected, to aid in problem determination ... [more] 30 Jan 2015 166
Super Globals Plus Super Globals Plus : Tested on many Zen Cart versions, should even work fine on most other PHP scripts (than Zen Cart). Superglobals Plus is a developers tool that makes evaluating variables easy. It produces a clear o ... [more] 8 Jun 2014 2,110
Report All Errors Report All Errors : I was looking for an easy way to enable *all* error-reporting during my debugging ... and came up with this plugin. The plugin overwrites two core files to enable you to use a simple $_GET variable (r ... [more] 17 May 2014 156
Zen Cart Notifier Trace Zen Cart Notifier Trace : This module hooks the base-class notify function and captures the output into a file in your store's cache directory. It is very useful during code modification and also supports development and debug ... [more] 17 May 2014 756
Email Test Tool Email Test Tool : This simple tool emulates the email sending behavior used in Zen Cart v1.3.x, v1.5.x, v1.6.x Its purpose is ONLY to aid in pointing out server configuration problems preventing emails from being sent ... [more] 26 Mar 2013 316
Fix for problems with some Shared SSL servers Fix for problems with some Shared SSL servers : For Zen cart 1.5.1. This modification is meant to make Zen cart work with a shared SSL server, even if the hosting provider does provide the HTTPS variables to your script and connects to your script ... [more] 25 Oct 2012 139
Fix Cache Key Fix Cache Key : The Fix Cache Key utility is used to reset your "SESSION_WRITE_DIRECTORY" key in the database after switching servers or relocating your Zen Cart installation from one folder to another. Compatible ... [more] 7 Jan 2012 35,138
MySQL charset converter (beta) MySQL charset converter (beta) : NOTE: DrByte recommends using a_berezin's script instead: This PHP script can be used to convert your MySQL database tables from latin1- ... [more] 2 Jul 2011 1,735
Syscheck Syscheck : Syscheck scans your cart for both known vulnerabilities and known infections. It can be run with one click from your admin panel. 15 Nov 2009 2,249
How to set up a Wamp5 Server and install ZC on it How to set up a Wamp5 Server and install ZC on it : This is a tutorial that is in depth for set up a Wamp5 Server and installing Zencart on your home PC. I made this tutorial for the newbie with in depth step by step procedures. Enjoy! 16 May 2009 7,205
Debug Error Logging Utility for v1.3.8 Debug Error Logging Utility for v1.3.8 : *** NOTE: THIS IS ALREADY BUILT-IN TO v1.3.9a, so just jump to step 3 below *** ********************************************************************* Sometimes when a page is showing up blank due ... [more] 5 Jan 2008 21,848
Zen Cart Program Flow Documentation Zen Cart Program Flow Documentation : This is a document outlining the program flow of Zen Cart, which may be useful in troubleshooting and/or developing code. 18 Nov 2006 11,498
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