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SMSto SMSto : This package brings SMS.To service of sending bulk SMS to Zen Cart. - Send SMS to a single phone number - Send bulk SMS to many phone numbers - Send bulk SMS to list of phones (synchronize SMSto ... [more] 1 Jun 2022 22
Save For Later Save For Later : Save for Later allows logged in customers to put items aside for later purchase without completely removing them from sight. 26 Feb 2022 5,822
Better Together Better Together : Better Together allows a variety of product or category specific BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free or Discounted) offers for your cart. Allows cross selling at a discount; a product can be linked with an ... [more] 12 Feb 2022 26,241
Cross Sell Advanced II Cross Sell Advanced II : This version of cross-sell, based on "Cross Sell Advanced" ( - Requires Zen Cart 1.5.7 (fully-patched) or later. - Is updated to support now- ... [more] 10 Jan 2022 73
Sale Ending/Special Ending Sale Ending/Special Ending : Shows the end date of a sale or special (when the End Date or Expiry Date field is set for that sale/special). 3 Dec 2021 2,791
Snap Affiliates for Zen Cart v1.5.0+ Snap Affiliates for Zen Cart v1.5.0+ : This plugin is based on the similarly-named add-on for the Zen Cart v1.3.x series, with the following changes: No core-file overwrites! Moved all language-specific text to the language file, ... [more] 14 Aug 2021 3,718
News Box Manager -- v3 News Box Manager -- v3 : v3.0.0 (and later) of News Box Manager builds on the previous versions of the plugin, adding the following features for Zen Cart 1.5.6 and later: - Enables the creation of up to four (4) different ... [more] 27 May 2021 386
SMS Order Notification SMS Order Notification : Making your zen cart more user friendly by sending order notification status update to users and admin. 8 Apr 2021 98
Seasonal Centerbox Seasonal Centerbox : The Seasonal Centerbox is a centerbox - just like the New Products, Featured Products and Monthly Specials Centerboxes - which allows you to show off randomly selected items from a specific category. 1 Feb 2021 156
SitemapXML v4 SitemapXML v4 : This Script generates a Sitemap as described here: Based on original work by: Andrew Berezin 21 Jan 2021 253
Google Dynamic Remarketing Google Dynamic Remarketing : This module generates the Dynamic Remarketing tag for Google on all of your pages. 5 Dec 2020 727
Moosend Website Tracking Moosend Website Tracking : DESCRIPTION Improve your conversion rates with cart abandonment and product recommendations emails with a click of a button. Track website behaviour of all visitors, ghost users and identified / lo ... [more] 10 Jan 2020 456
Customer Loyalty Discount Customer Loyalty Discount : The purpose of this Zen Cart order total module is to provide a basic Customer Loyalty Program/Discount Scheme, that rewards customers with discounts against each order based upon the amount they have ... [more] 24 Nov 2019 1,017
Free Gifts - Dangling Carrot Free Gifts - Dangling Carrot : Give your customers a choice of free gifts when they spend x.xx in your store. Dangling Carrot allows you to specify which items are gifts, set a discounted, or zero price for them, and then set a th ... [more] 24 Nov 2019 5,146
SitemapXML  (formerly "Google Sitemap") SitemapXML (formerly "Google Sitemap") : This Script generates an Sitemap as described here: v2.1 Features: ========= - supports multilingual categories and products - supports Search-Engine Safe URLs - could ... [more] 7 Jul 2019 71,635
AutoTweet AutoTweet : AutoTweet automatically updates your Twitter followers whenever you add a new product to your store. It will tweet your product's name as well as a shortened URL to the specific product's page without ... [more] 28 May 2019 5,486
MailChimp Integration MailChimp Integration : Allows your Zen Cart to offer a MailChimp ( newsletter to both customers and non-customers. (Note: This contribution was formerly called "MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox") 15 Nov 2018 10,171
AutoFacebook AutoFacebook : AutoFacebook automatically updates your store's facebook page whenever a new product is added via your admin backend. AutoFacebook is easily integrated with AutoTweet. It now uses Facebook's Graph AP ... [more] 18 Oct 2018 11,170
Zen Cart Structured Data Zen Cart Structured Data : Plugin that adds Schema (in JSON-LD format), Facebook and Twitter structured markup to all pages. Schema markup is added in three blocks: organisation, breadcrumbs and product (including reviews). ... [more] 3 Oct 2018 349
Custom Forms Custom Forms : If you need the ability to easily and effectively create and deploy forms on your store to improve your communication with your customers, this plugin may be for you. The Custom Forms plugin allows yo ... [more] 9 Jul 2018 243
Facebook Message Facebook Message : This add on will help you add a message button for people to message you on Facebook. The add on includes the code to add the button anywhere you would like within your template, as well as admin conf ... [more] 24 May 2018 190
Keyword Suggest Keyword Suggest : Get product suggestions as soon as you start typing keywords into the search box. This customizable plug-in runs product searches on the background and will start offering products to your customers ... [more] 10 May 2018 191
Meta Tags Controller Meta Tags Controller : This module allows you to change you meta tags wiithout needing to change the php files and allows you to change multiple meta tags very quickly Ajax Admin interface makes it very easy to do and witho ... [more] 10 May 2018 196
Order Message Order Message : The Order Message mod allows you to add a message to the order confirmation email your customers get when they place an order. Please note: This is part of the Zen Cart core as of Zen Cart 1.5.6. ... [more] 2 May 2018 179
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