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ecp_Content ecp_Content : What ecp_Content does: It's a Zen_cart plugin to facilitate the generation, integration and presentation of content as well as user generated content using existing Zen-Cart functionality as much as ... [more] 10 Sep 2012 305
The Feedback Company Auto invite The Feedback Company Auto invite : Auto invite customers to leave a review at the Dutch independent review site The Feedback Company. ( Support via the Dutch Zen Cart forum only. 3 Sep 2012 50
Google Mapinator Google Mapinator : Google Mapinator adds a powered by Google Map in the contact_us page using geo coordinates and an api key that is available for free from Google. You simply insert the correct coordinate data, store d ... [more] 3 Sep 2012 7,887
Contest System Contest System : This contribution creates a Column Box 'Enter To Win' for placement in your left or right column of your site inviting visitors to enter the contest by clicking 'Enter Our Contest'. Once a visitor c ... [more] 9 Aug 2012 5,240
Fanplayr Social Coupons Fanplayr Social Coupons : Easily integrate your Zen Cart store with Fanplayr Social Coupons. --- Fanplayr Social Coupons lets you reach, influence & monetize the social consumer with gamified couponing. It Also lets you ... [more] 11 Jul 2012 165
Minimum Order Minimum Order : This contribution will add a configuration option that will allow you to specify a minimum order total that must be met before allowing checkout. 9 Jul 2012 8,552
Aftersales Email Module: Satisfaction Survey Aftersales Email Module: Satisfaction Survey : This plugin allows you to send an automated email to your customers several days after they have purchased something from your store. The email will list products they have purchased and will ask your ... [more] 27 Jun 2012 1,365
Facebook Comments Facebook Comments : This plugin allows you to add the popular Facebook comments on your product info page. 10 May 2012 1,441
Reward Point Full Suite Reward Point Full Suite : Full Reward Point/Loyalty Card Suite. Features: Global, category or product level setting of reward points earned. Redeem value can be set globally or by customer groups. Smart syncing autom ... [more] 24 Apr 2012 15,716
Social ADD THIS Bar Social ADD THIS Bar : This contribution adds the "Social Add This bar" to the product info page. You can share products with all social networks using the add this service ( 16 Apr 2012 1,286
Social Sidebox Social Sidebox : Social Sidebox gives you the ability to connect your website with yours and your customers social media profiles. Social media is one of the fastest growing and best ways to keep in touch and market t ... [more] 14 Apr 2012 2,139
Google Froogle Feeder (Zen Cart 1.3.9 and below) Google Froogle Feeder (Zen Cart 1.3.9 and below) : (Formerly known as Google Base Feeder or Google Froogle Feeder, Google Merchant Center Feeder) This version is for Zen Cart 1.3.9 and below. This is an archive only! New users please go to http ... [more] 31 Mar 2012 44,141
Contact reCAPTCHA Contact reCAPTCHA : This will add a reCAPTCHA validation to the contact us form. This plugin is easy to install, only a couple of files to upload with no editing of files. Once uploaded you can configure your public & pr ... [more] 25 Mar 2012 5,724
Twitter Hashtag Coupons Twitter Hashtag Coupons : This Zencart addon will allow you to add a twitter hash tag to a coupon code. A field has been added to the account/register page for users to enter their twitter username. Whenever they tweet the has ... [more] 25 Mar 2012 281
RSS Feed RSS Feed : Generate RSS Feed for: Categories; Subcategories in category; All Products; Products in category; Product by ID; Product by MODEL; New products; New products in category; New products random; ... [more] 2 Mar 2012 22,709
Cross Sell Plus Advanced Sell Combo Cross Sell Plus Advanced Sell Combo : This cross sell module has a graphical interface to quickly find products for cross sell. 6 cross sell products can set specifically set for each of your Zen Cart product pages. Additionally this c ... [more] 29 Feb 2012 2,072
Better Together Promotional Page Better Together Promotional Page : Displays all your Better Together offers on a single page with images. 26 Feb 2012 2,572
Multi Cross Sell Multi Cross Sell : Based on Cross Sell - Just Another Cross Sell Mod by yellow1912 Link to the original: New Features: 1. Removal of module_manager to operate ... [more] 24 Feb 2012 5,193
Google Plus One (+1), Facebook Send and Twitter Fo Google Plus One (+1), Facebook Send and Twitter Fo : Every one is aware of the power of Social Networking sites like Facebook in driving quality traffic to your site and thereby skyrocketing sales & profits... Three Internet Giants Viz., Google, Fac ... [more] 11 Feb 2012 2,459
Set EZPage as Home Page Set EZPage as Home Page : This Plug In allow to set an ez-page as your shop homepage. So this page will be loaded instead of http://mydomain/mysite/index.php or http://mydomain/mysite/ The plugin could be useful for a tempo ... [more] 12 Dec 2011 308
Sale Ending/Special Ending Sale Ending/Special Ending : Shows the end date of a sale or special (when the End Date or Expiry Date field is set for that sale/special). 12 Nov 2011 2,119
LiftSuggest Recommendations LiftSuggest Recommendations : LiftSuggest Recommendations helps you show recommendations for your products to users/visitors on product pages and/or shopping cart page. This may help in increasing the average order value and conve ... [more] 9 Nov 2011 493 Automated Datafeed Generator Automated Datafeed Generator : ** NOTE: This module requires that you join the merchant program on one of ShopMania sites. ** This module will allow you to list your products on ShopMania, one of the top price comparison search ... [more] 27 Oct 2011 5,314
Sales Image Overlay on Product /Category Image Sales Image Overlay on Product /Category Image : Displays a sale image overlay on sub category and category page image images, based on special prices and/or salemaker. Can be adapted for product images with ease too if required. Images are includ ... [more] 24 Oct 2011 602
Welcome, Google Searcher! Welcome, Google Searcher! : Welcome Google Searcher recognizes when people arrive at your site from a Google Search, and provides them with a search link on your site that uses their search keywords. 11 Sep 2011 3,703
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