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PRODUCT VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE PRODUCT VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE : Hello Mates, This is my First Contribution. This plug-in pulls the videos from YouTube and show in your product info page. Thanks, VJ 29 Jul 2011 3,108
Floating Live Help Sidebox Floating Live Help Sidebox : This is for use with the Live Multi Yahoo/Skype mod that can be found here: **note** you may have to do some modif ... [more] 9 Jul 2011 542
Twenga Feed Export & Sales Tracking Twenga Feed Export & Sales Tracking : This module allows you to export product information from your Zen Cart into your Twenga account with just one click from within admin! 11 Jun 2011 291
Better Together Centerbox Better Together Centerbox : The Better Together Centerbox allows you to create a box on the main page showing your Better Together discounts, much like the Specials and Featured Items centerboxes. 9 Apr 2011 747
TheBigThree Email Trigger Campaign TheBigThree Email Trigger Campaign : These are trigger emails sent at a set time before the three major Holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Like all MailBeez Modules the email content is taken from a template, the list of pr ... [more] 3 Apr 2011 366
Manufacturers Description & Metadata Merge Manufacturers Description & Metadata Merge : This package is a merged version of Manufacturer Descriptions: and Meta-tags Manufacturers: ... [more] 27 Mar 2011 775
VendingBox Plugin VendingBox Plugin : This plugin lets you connect your Zen Cart site to the service provided by The service provides a customizable mobile storefront which allows you to sell your products on Facebook, ... [more] 25 Mar 2011 576
Simple Popup Simple Popup : Simple Popup 1.0 By Anthony Taylor Licensed under GPL v2 Uses Jquery 1.4.2 and simplemodal 1.4 D ... [more] 28 Feb 2011 1,471
Snap Affiliates Snap Affiliates : Snap Affiliates is an open source affiliate module for Zen Cart. It's designed to be simple to use, familiar to Zen Cart store owners, and tightly integrated with the existing Zen Cart database. It fe ... [more] 16 Jan 2011 3,771
Constant Contact Sidebox Signup Form Constant Contact Sidebox Signup Form : This module is a simple way to add a Constant Contact sign up form to your Zen-Cart template and begin building and managing your Email list. Simple installation combined with a time limited full feat ... [more] 12 Jan 2011 1,249
Buy One Get One Free Buy One Get One Free : A simple Buy one get on free module. Simply Go to your admin--_categories/products/--_ find a product you want to put on this special and click to edit it. scroll to the very bottom of the page and ... [more] 3 Jan 2011 2,015
What's On Sale What's On Sale : What's on Sale provides a centerbox for displaying items that are currently on sale. Both individual items and sale categories may be displayed. 7 Dec 2010 1,376 Sales Tracker Sales Tracker : Track your ROI sales and performance 23 Sep 2010 132 Zen Cart Data Feed Mod Zen Cart Data Feed Mod : data feed module 20 Sep 2010 279
AutoTweet AutoTweet : AutoTweet automatically updates your Twitter followers whenever you add a new product to your store. It will tweet your product's name as well as a shortened URL to the specific product's page without ... [more] 11 Aug 2010 4,833
Aftersales Email Module: Contact Customer without Aftersales Email Module: Contact Customer without : This Module will contact customers which did create an account but did not place an order. Option: check for customers_basket Like all MailBeez Moduls the email content is taken from a template, ... [more] 23 Jun 2010 1,694
Aftersales Email Module: WinBack Customer Reactiva Aftersales Email Module: WinBack Customer Reactiva : This Module sends a "Reactivation" Email to customers which have not bought since a period of time (to configure) Like all MailBeez Moduls the email content is taken from a template. requires Af ... [more] 21 Jun 2010 1,006
Aftersales Email Module: Share Review on Facebook Aftersales Email Module: Share Review on Facebook : This Module will offer your customers to share their reviews on Facebook. The email contains a list of purchased products with * Image * direct link to Facebook sharer Like all MailBeez Moduls ... [more] 6 Jun 2010 1,617
Aftersales Email Module: Review Reminder Aftersales Email Module: Review Reminder : This Module will ask your customers to write a review of their recently purchased products. It lists all products bought in the configured timeframe even if they are bought in different transaction ... [more] 6 Jun 2010 1,715
RSS Specials Feed RSS Specials Feed : This is an RSS feed that will take your specials and convert them into a live RSS feed. This is a great promotional item for your store. This mod works just like any other rss feed, when mousing over ... [more] 27 May 2010 3,390
AutoFacebook OG AutoFacebook OG : This little bit of code allows you to utilize the new Facebook Open Social Graph metatags into your store's header info. 14 May 2010 1,886
Canonical Links for Zen Cart 1.3.8a Canonical Links for Zen Cart 1.3.8a : This module will add the _link rel="canonical" href="" /_ to your pages, effectively eliminating sorted pages duplication of content. For Zen Cart 1.3.8 with default (un-rewritten) u ... [more] 16 Mar 2010 930
Free Gifts - Dangling Carrot Free Gifts - Dangling Carrot : Give your customers a choice of free gifts when they spend x.xx in your store. Dangling Carrot allows you to specify which items are gifts, set a discounted, or zero price for them, and then set a th ... [more] 8 Jan 2010 4,539
Categories RSS feed Categories RSS feed : A modification based on the RSS Feeds mod by Andrew Berezin. This mod is used to place RSS Feed links in the category description. The zip file includes the RSS feed link code, an rss_feed.jpg image ... [more] 11 Dec 2009 1,150
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