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Checkout Gift Message Checkout Gift Message : This customization adds a gift message field to the checkout shipping step of checkout. This new field is in addition to the comments section which already exists. The data entered in to the Gift Me ... [more] 7 Jun 2013 195
Boilerplate Boilerplate : This is a boilerplate that utilizes HTML5 Boilerplate v4.2.0, a project from H5BP currently maintained by Nicolas Gallagher, Paul Irish, Mathias Bynens, Divya Manian, and Hans Christian Reinl and Mobi ... [more] 27 May 2013 427
Frontpage Slideshow Frontpage Slideshow : This module implements a basic Jquery slideshow for displaying slides with prices at website's main page, with an admin panel for inserting/updating/deleting slides and their prices. No core files al ... [more] 2 May 2013 4,273
PDF Attachment in Product Description PDF Attachment in Product Description : This add-on allow you to insert any pdf attachments download to your products description pages. It add an extra field in your new or edit product screen labelled Pdf Attachment to menage it. You can ... [more] 25 Mar 2013 628
Attributes on Product Listing Attributes on Product Listing : This module allows you to add attribute options on the product listing. That way, your customers can select size/color/whatever and add to cart directly from the category page. 7 Mar 2013 669
Listing Subheadings Listing Subheadings : This mod allows customization of category or product listings. - You can add subheadings above any desired items in category (or product) listings. - You can start a new column with items arranged ... [more] 28 Dec 2012 240
Flexible Product Listing Flexible Product Listing : This is a modification to the standard Zen Cart product listing page (incorporating the ability to use the Column Grid layout) which allows great flexibility in arranging the product elements in the l ... [more] 28 Dec 2012 1,016
Ezpages Footer Columns Ezpages Footer Columns : This mod allows you to organize the ez-pages footer links into columns. * You can choose in admin how many columns to have (up to 9). * You can define a heading for each column (it may be an image ... [more] 12 Dec 2012 1,987
Homepage Layout with CSS3 Hover Effects Homepage Layout with CSS3 Hover Effects : This module will give you a home page layout like shown in the demo. There are 8 variations of hover effects, all done with CSS3 transitions. Please note that you will only see the cool transitions ef ... [more] 1 Dec 2012 605
Rotating Image Slider for Zen Cart Rotating Image Slider for Zen Cart : This jQuery powered asymetrical image slider rotates the images slightly with a small delay when playing. It comes with an autoplay option and the mousewheel functionality. See a live demo here: ... [more] 29 Nov 2012 774
Back to Top for Zen Cart Back to Top for Zen Cart : See a live demo here: http://www.picaflor-azul.com/free-demos/index.php?main_page=index&template_switch_id=glasgow_neat Features: * Completely customizable button through css * Adds a "Bac ... [more] 29 Nov 2012 500
CSS3 Breadcrumbs with 4 Variations CSS3 Breadcrumbs with 4 Variations : Spruce up your zen cart breadcrumbs navigation with this easy to use module that uses CSS3 functionality. Features include: * Choose from 4 styles * Neutral styles included * Easily customizab ... [more] 26 Nov 2012 340
Sliding Home Images Sliding Home Images : This addition to your zen cart main page will add a cool jquery sliding backgrond panels mini menu with panels changing on label hover. It comes with links to featured, new, and specials, but you can ... [more] 26 Nov 2012 393
Tabbed Home Page Modules Tabbed Home Page Modules : This contribution is a variation to the modules on the homepage of the shopping cart. This was created as a solution to the home page being somewhat crowded when all the modules where enabled together ... [more] 22 Nov 2012 1,202
Shoppingcart/Freeship in Header Shoppingcart/Freeship in Header : This mod will give you a box in your header which shows the number of items in the cart, the total amount if any items in cart, the amount required to qualify for free shipping, and a checkout button ... [more] 20 Nov 2012 1,611
Social Networking Sidebar Social Networking Sidebar : This simple add-on places a sidebar in your Zen Cart installation that floats as you scroll down the page. This sidebar contains links to FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube, but can be changed to meet y ... [more] 20 Nov 2012 2,469
Slides JS Slide Show for Zen Cart Slides JS Slide Show for Zen Cart : This great jquery slide show is lightweight and a great way to showcase your promotions on your zen cart main page. See a live demo here: http://www.picaflor-azul.com/free-demos/index.php?main_p ... [more] 20 Nov 2012 934
Homepage Slide Content Hover Homepage Slide Content Hover : This module will give you a home page layout using the jQuery ContentHover Plugin to create a cool advanced slide out on hover effect. See a live demo here: http://www.bookworm-garden.com/demos/ ... [more] 18 Nov 2012 322
Pure CSS Mega Menu Pure CSS Mega Menu : You can check out live demos of the menu on our free templates here: http://www.picaflor-azul.com/free-demos/index.php?main_page=index&template_switch_id=abbington_mega Module Features: * Com ... [more] 15 Nov 2012 2,006
Additional Images Hover with Main Image Additional Images Hover with Main Image : Hovering over the additional images replaces the main image. 11 Nov 2012 2,321
Editable Home Page Centerboxes Editable Home Page Centerboxes : Editable Centerboxes is a simple module which adds three editable "centerboxes" to the home page. I got the idea because I was trying to do something similar to this: * http://osc.template-help.co ... [more] 15 Oct 2012 3,266
MessageStack LightAlert Light Box MessageStack LightAlert Light Box : Simply puts the MessageStack Alerts in a Light Box (uses javascript), reverts to the zen stock MessageStack alert if user has javascript disabled. 10 Oct 2012 232
Ultimate Fade-In Slideshow Ultimate Fade-In Slideshow : This is the Ultimate fade in Created by Dynamic Drive. I just updated the files and instructions. 17 Apr 2012 3,914
CAPTCHA using TTF & GD & Telephone Not Required on CAPTCHA using TTF & GD & Telephone Not Required on : First off I want people to know this is not my original programming. It came from two other people (Author: Andrew Berezin & econcepts). I put the two together because I wanted to no require telephone ... [more] 29 Feb 2012 2,973
AV Product Grid AV Product Grid : A simple grid layout for the product pages of Zen Cart. This modification uses the already built in rows and columns functionality so there are no core changes needed. Changes to number of column ... [more] 6 Jan 2012 765
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