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Form Armor Module for Zen Cart v1.3.8 Form Armor Module for Zen Cart v1.3.8 : The Form Armor Module for Zen Cart adds a form processing module within Zen Cart. This allows merchants using Zen Cart to process Contact Us and Tell-a-Friend form submissions through the Form Armor a ... [more] 2 Dec 2008 953
Snow Javascript Snow Javascript : This animation javascript gives you Snow on your webpage. So now you are sure of a white christmas - at least on the web The script works perfect with theese browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3, Netscape 7 a ... [more] 2 Dec 2008 1,763
Stock by Attributes 4.7Multiadd WITH TABLE FILTER Stock by Attributes 4.7Multiadd WITH TABLE FILTER : This is the "Stock by Attributes 4.7 multi add" by Kuroi & mcinallym with the Table Filter 1.6 added to filter "products with attribute stock" results page This add-on allows a store owner to set ... [more] 30 Nov 2008 1,549
Numinix Search Numinix Search : Improve the Zen Cart search functionality by indexing your entire website, even outside of Zen Cart. This module is a variant of the Sphider Search Engine. It works by spidering the areas of your webs ... [more] 27 Nov 2008 1,290
Tax ID field in Customer account Tax ID field in Customer account : It is a very simple way to add a new field if you need it to your customers create account be it a tax id field as it does now or whatever you may need. 23 Nov 2008 1,319
Social BookMarking AddToBookmarks Social BookMarking AddToBookmarks : AddToBookmarks is a small JavaScript you can add to your blog or website which assists site visitors in adding your site to their 'Social Bookmarking' service. 22 Oct 2008 2,865
Attribute Pop-up (Large Images) Attribute Pop-up (Large Images) : This module adds a pop-up to attributes' thumbnails. The pop-up has borders; text for the attribute (Option name: Option Value); and a 'Close Window' text link. The images for the pop-ups are kept in ... [more] 28 Sep 2008 7,579
Simple Cache Simple Cache : Please note: this module requires PHP 5 to run Alpha 1.1 is a stable version Support thread: http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109160 1. This mod helps you to cache blocks or a ... [more] 28 Sep 2008 1,220
Short Description Short Description : This module allows you to put short descriptions for your product listings, configurable via admin when you are configuring your products. 11 Aug 2008 6,935
Customer Nickname Customer Nickname : Adds a Nickname field to Create Account and Edit Account. This allows sites that are not using phpBB on their site to still use Customer Nicknames. To show how this can be used, included is modified R ... [more] 22 Jul 2008 2,091
File Library File Library : File Library (FILLIB) allows you to upload files and display them to your website's visitors. You can create sections and assign each file to a section; then the file will be displayed to the vi ... [more] 9 Jul 2008 1,298
Direct Bank Account/ Visa Card/ Master Card Transf Direct Bank Account/ Visa Card/ Master Card Transf : Modified from AUSBANK OF OSCOMMERCE. The choice of 3 different modes of payment - Direct Bank Account/ Visa Card/ Master Card Transfer. Besides this, also there is choice to add 3 different Bank Accou ... [more] 26 Jun 2008 3,392
Blog Integration Blog Integration : Allows easy integration of an RSS feed (your own blog or 3rd party content) into your Zen Cart. 1 Jun 2008 5,610
Embed Products onto 3rd Party Site Embed Products onto 3rd Party Site : Allows for products to be displayed onto 3rd party websites. The user can add the product directly to their cart at the 3rd Party Site 16 May 2008 3,226
Whole Word Search Whole Word Search : This mod will tweak the existing search functionality to perform a 'whole word' search. The keywords will be matched with whole words instead of performing a sub-string search. For example, searchi ... [more] 9 May 2008 989
SplitTaxLines SplitTaxLines : Displays each tax on a separate line during checkout and on invoices. Splits both Product taxes and Shipping taxes. Designed with Canadian Zen-Cart stores in mind, to display GST and PST on separate l ... [more] 6 Apr 2008 1,566
Flash Hacks using sfObject Flash Hacks using sfObject : Embed your SWF with JavaScript by using sfObject 2.0 with Zen Cart. Flash sidebox, flash mp3 player sidebox, and using flash player with media manager. Using sfwObject with clicktag for banners. 5 Apr 2008 3,975
Change Product Name to Proper Case Change Product Name to Proper Case : This mod will make it to where when you click in the products name field while editing or entering a product the product name will change to proper case. Example, HELLO WORLD to Hello World. 2 Apr 2008 1,287
Easy Sign Up 2 Easy Sign Up 2 : This mods takes away the address fields. You only have First name, Last Name, Telephone, Email, and Password. If you don't need the phone you can take that out too. The country field is hidden from v ... [more] 12 Mar 2008 2,117
EZ pages rel=nofollow attribute EZ pages rel=nofollow attribute : If you understand on site SEO then you'll understand the value of this mod. This mod allows you to add the rel="nofollow" tag to any of your ez page urls. Great for controlling & sculpting your PR! N ... [more] 5 Mar 2008 2,421
Hide imageless products Hide imageless products : For those of you that use datafeeds and have problems with products that have no images this mod will take care of that. It automatically hides/turns off the products that have no image defined. NO ... [more] 5 Mar 2008 961
Captialize Sign-up Fields Captialize Sign-up Fields : This is a simple javascript enhancement for the sign-up page which checks and amends the capitalization of user entries on the client-side before they are submitted. As you tab out of each field in ... [more] 3 Mar 2008 3,080
CSS Horizontal Drop Down Menu CSS Horizontal Drop Down Menu : This add-on will allow you to have a horizontal css based flyout menu for your zen cart header. It also displays your categories dynamically, along with other useful links for your customers. informat ... [more] 18 Jan 2008 23,315
Featured Sorted Featured Sorted : This contribution will allow you to add custom sorting to featured products. The sorting will apply to the sidebox, and the featured listings. 10 Jan 2008 1,592
Sidebox Anywhere Sidebox Anywhere : Ever need to show the contents of a Zen Cart sidebox on a page outside Zen Cart? You can use this tool to do that. There are some very basic code comments within the file to help guide you. Intended f ... [more] 3 Jan 2008 5,706
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