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Diable Registration/Login Diable Registration/Login : This contribution allows you to disable the force login when your customers go through checkout, this allows customers to go through your checkout with their products and pay for the items with out si ... [more] 30 Nov 2007 5,360
Define Pages Generator Define Pages Generator : This isn't exactly a zencart module, you would probably call it a meta-module, it is a small Windows application that makes it really easy to make new "define pages." Making a new define page seems ... [more] 29 Nov 2007 6,580
GreyBox 1 for Zen Cart GreyBox 1 for Zen Cart : What this contribution does: Adds a pop-up window that doesn't suck to your store. This GreyBox contribution can be used to display in images in a beautiful way. Why use GreyBox: * It does not c ... [more] 25 Nov 2007 1,498
advanced search results fix + optimization advanced search results fix + optimization : ** ONLY FOR v1.3.7 ** I noticed advanced search page didn't got back correct results if I left some fields empty. I fixed and optimized the code. Just replace the existing file with this one Ha ... [more] 17 Nov 2007 1,769
Checkout Amazon Style Checkout Amazon Style : This add-on changes the initial steps of Zen Cart's checkout to be similar in style to the one use by Amazon. In particular two new checkout pages are created, checkout_login and checkout_account. ... [more] 8 Nov 2007 4,698
userCurrency userCurrency : This contrib does a few things related to currency management: 1) When a guest (non logged in user) visits, their IP is checked against a database to determine country. This is cross-referenced with ... [more] 5 Nov 2007 4,233
Gallery2 Zen Cart Integration Gallery2 Zen Cart Integration : This is an update of the original Google Summer of Code module written by Michael Rodriguez-Torrent, reworked for Zen Cart 1.3.X and Gallery2. It has been working for 8 months or so, and tested up to ... [more] 3 Nov 2007 4,127
PC Configurator PC Configurator : PC Configurator for Zen Cart http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=70184 1 Nov 2007 5,222
Automation of Packing Slip on Sale Automation of Packing Slip on Sale : For automation of warehouse purpose, this mod will generate a packing slip in html on a folder specified. It can be turned on or off under Admin Panel. *Important* Generated packing slips in html ... [more] 26 Oct 2007 1,882
Featured Items Sorted Featured Items Sorted : The center box for featured items is fed in random order. A client wanted a fixed order that he could select. This simple fix will sort by the ID assigned to the featured product. 25 Sep 2007 1,138
Language Selection - Save to Cookie Language Selection - Save to Cookie : First all credits goes to paulm see details here http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7488 I just changed some code and moved its location to be compatible with 1.3.7. This simple mod sav ... [more] 22 Sep 2007 1,077
Request Restock Request Restock : Current features: 1. Allow customer to request a product to be restocked. The request will be added to database and emailed to Amin as the same time. 2. Admin can view requests and update/send noti ... [more] 16 Sep 2007 2,491
How To Checkout Page How To Checkout Page : The files in this package allow you to quickly and easily add an How_to_checkout page to your site. This package is also an easy example for adding additional pages to your site if you prefer named ... [more] 4 Sep 2007 2,891
StockAttribute by danielcor StockAttribute by danielcor : This module allows one to keep track of individual stocks of a product variant. For example, if you have three sizes, large, medium and small, this module will allow you to keep track of all the diffe ... [more] 31 Aug 2007 3,071
EZ thumbnails EZ thumbnails : Creates products and category thumbnails on the fly. Also creates subdirectories if the source image is found in a subdirectory. Very basic script, easy install, no php code or sql changes needed. ... [more] 24 Aug 2007 2,806
Auction Lister Pro for Zen Cart Auction Lister Pro for Zen Cart : Auction Lister Pro allows you to list your Zen Inventory directly to eBay without having to create the products manually on eBay.com. This release includes a graphical web based installer. At the ... [more] 12 Aug 2007 6,645
SiteTrust Customer Feedback SiteTrust Customer Feedback : This module creates a page to display SiteTrust Network customer feedback directly on your store through the use of a Direct Feedback Feed. You must be a SiteTrust Network merchant in order to use thi ... [more] 8 Aug 2007 788
Best Sellers Reloaded Best Sellers Reloaded : This contribution will allow you to display your best sellers on the main page of your website (in the centre column) - just like featured products. You can control various aspects (such as image s ... [more] 22 Jul 2007 4,031
Nics Birthday Mod Nics Birthday Mod : Here is a spin off of the Birthday Mod that sends an email to all birthday customers using the Send Email form. This is my first mod, hope someone finds it useful. 14 Jul 2007 2,044
Site Search Enhancements with Yahoo and Google res Site Search Enhancements with Yahoo and Google res : Site Seach adds yahoo and/or google results to search results. Example: http://secure.businessphonesdirect.com/advanced_search_result.html?keyword=norstar Requires Google API Key for google results ... [more] 3 Jul 2007 1,823
Gallery Category Gallery Category : Stores with one-of-a-kind products may benefit from a showcase gallery for sold items. This mod allows regular products to be simply moved to one or more designated categories when sold; they will ... [more] 3 Jun 2007 3,191
Subscription System and Auto Menu Pages Subscription System and Auto Menu Pages : A feature to use Zen Cart as a subscription system and also create automatic menu base on tabbed products lite and ezpages. It is in development but working fine. There are many versions to come. Any ... [more] 26 May 2007 1,974
SID Redirect SID Redirect : This addon will remove the initial session ID (aka. SID) from the query string if cookies are enabled and working. The main benefit of doing this is to minimise the chances that people will give ou ... [more] 27 Apr 2007 1,308
Hints and Tip Manager Hints and Tip Manager : Hints and Tips Manager is Zen Cart 1.3.X compatible and allows users and shop administrators to add Hints and Tips. This version optionally allows administrators to add an image as well as a link to t ... [more] 20 Apr 2007 1,829
Quick Order Quick Order : This module will let your customers add multiple products to cart at once by inserting the products' model numbers and quantities for the order. You will also be able to add one or more products to c ... [more] 16 Apr 2007 2,476
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