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Commentics Commentics : This plugin integrates 'Commentics' into your Zen Cart website. Commentics is a free and open source comments script with lots of features. It will allow your visitors to submit comments, rate product ... [more] 30 Jun 2013 525
Fetch Remote File & Create Local File Fetch Remote File & Create Local File : Remote NON-SSL, TLS or SSL FTP file fetch and write script. This Remote NON-SSL, TLS or SSL FTP file fetch will download a file from a remote server in plain FTP, TLS, or SSL FTP and write it to your ... [more] 7 Jun 2013 51
Events Calendar Events Calendar : This add-on essentially provides a form of DIY or in-house marketing, whereby store-owners can setup and promote simple events together with products from within their store. In certain situations, ev ... [more] 27 May 2013 4,620
Category Specific Access Restriction (CSAR) Category Specific Access Restriction (CSAR) : The standard Zen Cart installation can be configured in Admin _ Configuration _ Customer Details asf: Customer Shop Status - View Shop and Prices Customer must be approved to shop 0= Not required ... [more] 20 May 2013 859
Autoresponder+ for ZC v1.5.x Autoresponder+ for ZC v1.5.x : This Autoresponder+ contribution is now compatible with Zen Cart v1.5.0 v1.5.1. Zen Cart v1.5.0 v1.5.1 is Not backwards compatible. This mod allows you to send a preset email to your customers a ... [more] 18 May 2013 250
ZX Slideshow ZX Slideshow : This slideshow module is based on the popular Nivo Slider which allows you to create your own slideshow on the main page. It uses jQuery and is completely controlled from the admin - this means no mor ... [more] 16 May 2013 5,524
Confirm Email Address Entry Confirm Email Address Entry : Customers often make errors when entering their email address. This contribution adds a second email field to the registration form and checks to make sure both email entries match. Example can be ... [more] 12 May 2013 10,364
Attribute Cross-Validation Attribute Cross-Validation : The attribute cross-validation module allows shop owners to create dependencies/exclusions between one or more options/option value combinations (something you will see referenced throughout the code ... [more] 3 May 2013 907
MobiCart - iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5 app build MobiCart - iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5 app build : MobiCart is a simple way to build and manage your m-commerce store as a native or web app. MobiCart works on its own, or links up to your existing website. MobiCart is a startup that is taking m-co ... [more] 15 Apr 2013 560
Return Authorization Return Authorization : This module adds a Return Authorization Request page to your store where your customer can read your returns policy and fill in a form to obtain a return authorization request. The contents of the for ... [more] 7 Apr 2013 13,560
Local Sales Tax Mod Local Sales Tax Mod : The module should apply tax based on the field you choose options are Zip Code, City, and Suburb. It should also compound the tax to whatever zone taxes you already have set up. Which means you can ... [more] 2 Apr 2013 6,664
Your Store Gift Cards (plastic, etc) Your Store Gift Cards (plastic, etc) : This is the order total module for using plastic gift cards. * How this module works: 1. A text box group is displayed on the checkout page just below the coupon group. The customer enters their ... [more] 16 Mar 2013 2,573
Simple Machines Forum « Integration Simple Machines Forum « Integration : This plugin enables account-related changes in a Zen Cart installation to be reflected in a companion Simple Machines Forum (SMF) installation using the Bulletin Board Integration via Notifier Hooks p ... [more] 27 Feb 2013 96
phpBB« Integration via Notifier Hooks phpBB« Integration via Notifier Hooks : This plugin enables account-related changes in a Zen Cart installation to be reflected in a companion phpBB installation using the Bulletin Board Integration via Notifier Hooks plugin (http://www.zen- ... [more] 22 Feb 2013 130
COWOA Updated and Combined for ZC v1.5.x COWOA Updated and Combined for ZC v1.5.x : NOTE: The COWOA version for Zen Cart version 1.5.x is NOT backwards compatible (won't work with v1.3.x versions of Zen Cart) This mod lets your customer checkout without having to register an accou ... [more] 21 Feb 2013 3,655
Add Phone Number to Contact Us Add Phone Number to Contact Us : This mod will: a) Add the Phone Number field to the contact us page b) Fill in the phone number field if the user is logged in and has a phone number in their account c) print the phone number in ... [more] 20 Feb 2013 8,764
Ceon URI Mapping (SEO) Ceon URI Mapping (SEO) : The Ceon URI Mapping module is a very handy module that no Zen Cart site should be without! Unlike other SEO modules, where the URIs are generated automatically when a customer visits a page, this ... [more] 29 Jan 2013 24,348
Include and Exclude Tax in Prices (Net/Gross) Include and Exclude Tax in Prices (Net/Gross) : This contribution will add a further option to 'Display Prices with Tax' which will display both a tax excluded and tax included price. This can be changed under Admin-My Store-Display Prices with T ... [more] 28 Jan 2013 4,791
Short Description for Categories Short Description for Categories : This mod allows you to SPLIT your category descriptions into two parts. One part comes before any products or subcategories (as a normal zen cart install does), and another part comes AFTER any produc ... [more] 25 Jan 2013 3,273
MultiSite Module MultiSite Module : Manage multiple sites from a single Zen-cart Install of Zencart. - Choose a specific template for each sites - override the configuration for specific sites - Make categories specific to one or mor ... [more] 21 Jan 2013 12,353
Password Protect Categories Password Protect Categories : Plugin is useful for Photographers whom wish to have Clients view their images and purchase online. PPC stops people from being able to view or purchase Client images that do not have a password. 18 Jan 2013 187
FAQ Module FAQ Module : This excellent Faq Manager module has the ability for users to submit questions, which can be answered and then activated by admin upon receipt of a system email. The Faq Manager is capable of infi ... [more] 10 Jan 2013 14,609
Testimonial Manager Email Reminder Testimonial Manager Email Reminder : This contribution is designed to work with the Testimonials Manager. The module will ask your customers to place a testimonial a number of days after an order. It requires the free MailBeez basic fram ... [more] 3 Jan 2013 198
UK Date Format UK Date Format : The two files needed to change the date from USA format to the Proper UK format. Will help those new to Zen Cart as it uses the 1.5.0 file set. Easy instructions, literally plug and play. Also speed l ... [more] 17 Dec 2012 604
Product Extra Fields Product Extra Fields : This provides for 1 extra text field, 4 file upload for pdfs, and a flash upload and display for each product. It is based on the Extra Description Files mod by Mariusz Jˇzala but has enough changed c ... [more] 10 Dec 2012 5,013
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