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Google Merchant Center Feeder Google Merchant Center Feeder : Uploading Numinix's Zen Cart v1.5 compatible version. Updated the add-on title to the correct title. (Froogle Feeder as a Google product no longer exists) Support thread at: http://www.zen-cart.c ... [more] 5 Apr 2014 3,184
Advanced Search Plus Advanced Search Plus : This contribution expand search function to Categories and Subcategories (it searchs in Name and Description) and EzPages (it searchs in Title and Html_Text). It will display results below found produ ... [more] 22 Feb 2014 4,180
Stock by Attributes Stock by Attributes : This add-on allows a store owner to set a stock value for each variant of a product. For example, if you have three sizes, large, medium and small, this module will allow you to keep track of all the ... [more] 13 Feb 2014 37,230
Olark Live Chat Widget Olark Live Chat Widget : Increase your conversion rates by keeping in contact with your customers with this lightweight, feature rich live chat widget by Olark. The Olark Chat Widget works on all pages (SSL and non-SSL) an ... [more] 2 Feb 2014 661
Display Specific Categories for logged in Customer Display Specific Categories for logged in Customer : This code is designed to allow admin user to set categories in zen cart to be visible to specific customers only when they login. Any categories set to 'Everyone' will always be visible, once a custom ... [more] 13 Jan 2014 1,077
Product Image Zoom Product Image Zoom : This module helps your main product image looks better when you hover on the main image. Based on jquery.elevateZoom by Andrew Eades - www.elevateweb.co.uk/image-zoom 10 Jan 2014 814
Order SMS Order SMS : Alert you if your store has any new order. 8 Jan 2014 358
Connector for Open4Tax Connector for Open4Tax : ALERT: Open4Tax is a COMMERCIAL SERVICE! The Zen Cart Connector for TaxRates is an open source plug in that integrates Zen Cart with Sales Tax calculations based on the zip code data downloaded fro ... [more] 3 Jan 2014 64
Simple Categories Tree Simple Categories Tree : Creates a category tree for use on other pages. 16 Dec 2013 258
Zen Magnific Zen Magnific : This contribution adds responsive jQuery slideshow to Zen Cart. All large product images in the tpl_product_info_display will be displayed in the Magnific Pop-Up format developed by Dmitry Semenov, wh ... [more] 4 Dec 2013 380
Simple Google Analytics Simple Google Analytics : Add Google Analytics site tracking easily to your site. Learn where your visitors come from and where they go in your site with this powerful free service provided by Google. Extremely flexible. E ... [more] 1 Dec 2013 37,231
WordPress On ZenCart - Sideboxes Only Edition v1.0 WordPress On ZenCart - Sideboxes Only Edition v1.0 : **Based on the popular WordPress on ZenCart module by Hira** There are known compatibility issues using WOZ with a number of other Zen Cart plugins (particularly SEO mods, XML sitemap mods, and the ... [more] 15 Nov 2013 1,991
Zen Lightbox Zen Lightbox : This contribution adds lightbox support to Zen Cart. All large product images will be displayed within a lightbox. This eliminates the need for popup windows and makes your website much more user frie ... [more] 10 Nov 2013 64,239
State Sales Tax Lookup Addon State Sales Tax Lookup Addon : I have developed a TaxCloud integration for Zen Cart. TaxCloud provides a comprehensive sales tax service for U.S. online merchants. The service is entirely free of charge. This is possible because re ... [more] 8 Nov 2013 1,700
Products Upload Manager Products Upload Manager : This module allows you to upload attachments with your product, for example, you upload a short song, or a few ebooks with some introduction page... You can track the number of downloads from users ... [more] 26 Oct 2013 166
Product Images on Invoice, Email, etc Product Images on Invoice, Email, etc : This plugin adds product images to your invoices, packing slips, admin order details page, customer order history, and confirmation emails. 23 Oct 2013 1,138
Limit Downloadable Products in Cart Limit Downloadable Products in Cart : In the standard Zen Cart, a downloadable product can be added to the cart multiple times ... but a single download session is provided to the customer. This mod limits (to one per product) the number ... [more] 22 Oct 2013 515
Banners Multiple Effects Banners Multiple Effects : Overview: Banners Multiple Effects help for your website easily communicate important information to visitors and create more beautiful effects when changing from banners to banners. Easy to ins ... [more] 9 Oct 2013 244
AJAX FAQ MODULE AJAX FAQ MODULE : FAQ the AJAX module helps you manage a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to your product. You can change the answers and display them outside of the product page. This can save ti ... [more] 9 Oct 2013 336
OneAll Social Login OneAll Social Login : OneAll Social Login for Zen Cart is a professional addon that allows your visitors to login and register with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, StackExchange, Hyves, G ... [more] 9 Oct 2013 1,290
Flexible Return Authorization (RMA) for ZC v1.5.x Flexible Return Authorization (RMA) for ZC v1.5.x : WHAT DOES THIS MODULE DO? Flexible Return Authorization (RMA) for ZC v1.5.x is based on the original Returns Authorization by Clyde Jones (http://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=288). Thi ... [more] 24 Sep 2013 530
Facebook All Facebook All : Facebook All module provides all facebook social plugins for zencart sites. module includes facebook fanbox, facebook facepile, facebook subscribe,like, recommendations box, activity feed plugin. Bo ... [more] 15 Sep 2013 3,433
Image Handler 4 for v1.5.x Image Handler 4 for v1.5.x : PURPOSE & AIM Image Handler 4 is really meant to ease the management of product images (particularly the management of additional product images), and to help improve page performance by optimizing t ... [more] 13 Sep 2013 15,156
Reviews Reply Reviews Reply : This plugin provides a quick and easy space for you to reply to a customers review. Your reply's can be added from the edit review screen in the admin. Reply is displayed under the review text on ea ... [more] 11 Sep 2013 236
Date and Time in Header Date and Time in Header : Some may think this a waste of code but I think it gives the customer the impression of an active and maintained store... It simply allows you to display the current local date and time on your store ... [more] 31 Aug 2013 339
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