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Credit Call CardEaseXML Payment Module Credit Call CardEaseXML Payment Module : This module integrates your Zen Cart store with Credit Call CardEaseXML API ( ). You need to register for an account on their website and the module will do ... [more] 2 Jul 2012 42
OpenCuro Payment Module OpenCuro Payment Module : The OpenCuro payment plugin for Zen Cart adds OpenCuro as a payment module within Zen Cart. This allows merchants using Zen Cart to build their sites with OpenCuro as a payment option. Tested using ... [more] 10 Apr 2012 68
Google Checkout module for Zen Cart Google Checkout module for Zen Cart : This module adds Google Checkout capability to Zen Cart, as an alternate checkout method. The plugin provides Level 2 integration of Google Checkout. Plugin features include: 1. Posting shoppi ... [more] 10 Mar 2012 38,167
PayJunction Payment Gateway PayJunction Payment Gateway : Accept Credit Cards for your business. 29 Feb 2012 616
PaymentSense Payment Module PaymentSense Payment Module : This module allows PaymentSense Merchants to integrate quickly and effectively to our gateway 11 Jan 2012 152
Skipjack Payment Module Skipjack Payment Module : This contribution will allow you to accept credit cards if you use Skipjack as your payment gateway. 15 Sep 2011 93
NAB Transact (Hosted Payment Page) Payment Module NAB Transact (Hosted Payment Page) Payment Module : NAB Transact Payment Gateway. This module will redirect the customers to the secure payment page hosted by NAB Transact system. Upon successful payment NAB Transact gateway will automatically call the ... [more] 15 Jul 2011 1,082
TransFirst Epay Module TransFirst Epay Module : CC Payment module for TransFirst Epay Gateway. 11 Jul 2011 1,209
Wirecard Quenta Qpay Wirecard Quenta Qpay : This is payment module is used for wirecard quenta qpay module.This is under GNU License. 1 Jul 2011 66
vSecure Gateway - Payment Module vSecure Gateway - Payment Module : The vSecureGateway Payment module for ZenCart adds vSecureGateway Checkout as a payment module within ZenCart. This will allow merchants using ZenCart to offer vSecureGateway as a checkout method t ... [more] 31 May 2011 127
SwissBilling (Safebill) SwissBilling (Safebill) : En français : SwissBilling™ est un moyen simple d’augmenter vos ventes, sans risques pour vous. En offrant à vos clients la possibilité de payer leurs achats par facture, à leur rythme, de manière ... [more] 31 May 2011 51
DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT-INDIA DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT-INDIA : this a payment module based direct bank deposit v1.1 this can be used for bank deposits in india,1)Bank Name 2)Account Name 3)Account No.(14-digits) 4)IFSC Code.(11 digits) 22 May 2011 358
Alertpay Payment Module Alertpay Payment Module : This is similar to the Egold module. Simply upload into the appropriate diretorys and start accepting Alertpay payments. 28 Apr 2011 6,820
Paycard (Israel) payment module Paycard (Israel) payment module : Paycard (Israel) payment module. Includes English and Hebrew language files. 27 Apr 2011 101
SagePay Form by Nixak SagePay Form by Nixak : A fully working module for SagePay Form account holders. This module has been tested on 1.3.8a but may work on some older versions. This version (1.0) does not supply shopping cart/Basket details t ... [more] 26 Mar 2011 2,269
DirectOne Payment Module DirectOne Payment Module : DirectOne Payment Module For Zencart V1.3 on GoDaddy Shared Host Account Designed for: Zen Cart v1.3 Release Created by: Jason LeBaron Adapted for GoDaddy Shared Host Accounts ... [more] 14 Mar 2011 2,116
Cash on Pickup Cash on Pickup : This module allows you to offer a cash on pickup option for customers who elect the 'walk in' shipping method. 'Cash on pickup' will not be displayed if any other shipping method is selected. 27 Feb 2011 1,153
PayLeap Payment Gateway Payment Module PayLeap Payment Gateway Payment Module : Included in this package is the required payment module to process transactions on the PayLeap Payment Gateway. 16 Feb 2011 541
purchase order module by knuckle purchase order module by knuckle : This module allows your customer to choose PO (Purchase Order) as a payment option. NOTE: This mod makes a LOT of changes to core files. You will need to upgrade the module manually during your nex ... [more] 2 Feb 2011 1,910
Pay By Phone Pay By Phone : This is a simple module for those who want to give customers the option to pay for their order over the phone. It also features a virtual products switch, so that it is turned off if downloadable p ... [more] 28 Jan 2011 1,053
Installment Plan Installment Plan : This module permits shop owners who manually process credit cards to offer "installment plan" type financing. It is designed to replace the insecure "layaway" module which transmits credit card inform ... [more] 23 Jan 2011 3,440
Luottokunta Luottokunta : Payment module for Luottokunta(Use with Visa/mastercard etc. creditcards). This is the updated version which works with the latest HTML-api from luottokunta. 30 Nov 2010 727
Flo2Cash (NZ) Credit Card Payment Module Flo2Cash (NZ) Credit Card Payment Module : Flo2Cash (NZ) Credit Card Payment Module enables a customer to make online payments quickly and securely, from either within your own site or through a secure site provided by your acquiring bank faci ... [more] 14 Nov 2010 796
Payment module for SECPay Payment module for SECPay : Payment module for the SECPay ( payment gateway. This module is already being used successfully by a large number of sites. 2 Nov 2010 1,482
Transaction Central (TransFirst) Transaction Central (TransFirst) : This Payment module, and accompanying admin module are designed to make merchant processing easier. By using this payment module (and your merchant account with TransFirst) you are effortlessly able t ... [more] 12 Oct 2010 766
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