Model List

This mod creates a listing of all manufacturers with their products.

* The default layout has a vertical list of manufacturers, and hovering on a manufacturer will drop down a list of its product model numbers in three columns.
* You can set the number of columns for products.
* You can set either product names or product model numbers to display. They will display alphabetically in either case.
* By using the alternate stylesheet rules provided, you can make the manufacturers into a horizontal "bar" type of list, with products dropping down in a vertical list below, or permanently expanded manufacturer/product lists.
* By saving image files named as described, you can substitute images for the manufacturer names.
* The manufacturers and product models are each links to the advanced search results for that term.

The default installation places the model list in define_page_4.php for demo purposes; it can be added to any page location by putting the include() statement in the correct file.

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Zen Cart® Versions v1.3.9
Original Author gjh42
Last Updated by gjh42 - 6 Dec 2010
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Model List   -   Version: 1.0
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.3.9
Date Added 6 Dec 2010
Author gjh42
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Downloads 688

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