Ezpages Footer Columns

This mod allows you to organize the ez-pages footer links into columns.

* You can choose in admin how many columns to have (up to 9).
* You can define a heading for each column (it may be an image if desired).
* You can set in admin the display order of links in each column.
* You can define one or more subheadings in each column.
* You can define a comment to go below each link.
* You can highlight the link for the current page, if any.
* You can style columns individually if desired.
* The default Home link in the footer is disabled; you can include a home link as an ez-page internal link.
* Menu display content is all compatible with multiple languages (even though stock ez-page contents are not).

Support thread at http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=171013
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.0, v1.5.1
Original Author gjh42
Last Updated by gjh42 - 12 Dec 2012
Downloads 2,060

Version History

Ezpages Footer Columns   -   Version: 1.1
Various added or improved functions:
- You can substitute images for ez-page names by saving an image file with an appropriate name.
- You can define the image extension to be used.
- You can set images to be added before or after text instead of replacing it.
- You can define HTML code to substitute for ez-page links.
- You can arrange column links in true sub-columns under one heading, maintaining full accessibility.
- A file is included for compatibility with the Multi-Language EZ-Pages mod if desired.
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.0, v1.5.1
Date Added 12 Dec 2012
Author gjh42
File Size 29.1 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Yes
Downloads 655
Ezpages Footer Columns   -   Version: 1.0
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.3.9
Date Added 28 Dec 2010
Author gjh42
File Size 23.4 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Yes
Downloads 1,405

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