Copy Categories

What is Copy Categories?

Copy Categories is exactly what its name says, Zen Cart's default category management does not have a "Category Copy Option". Now there is

Allows the store owner or managers to copy categories to where needed. if a store owner has thousands of categories or sub categories then it can be very time consuming to move or type in new ones one by one. With "Copy Categories" this terminates the manual moving or creating new categories.

Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.8
Original Author knuckle-101
Last Updated by torvista - 8 Mar 2023
Downloads 870

Version History

Copy Categories   -   Version: 2.0
Updated for Zen Cart 1.58, php 8.1+, using observers.
Copies a category, metatags, linked products. Multilingual.
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.8
Date Added 8 Mar 2023
Author torvista
File Size 50.2 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? No
Downloads 11
Copy Categories   -   Version: 1.6
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.0, v1.5.1
Date Added 11 Nov 2012
Author knuckle-101
File Size 90.2 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Yes
Downloads 859

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