Multi-Carrier Shipping Rates by AuctionInc

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Our Shipping Rates API will "fill the gaps" many other shipping calculators have in their capabilities to generate accurate shipping rates and provide you with the versatility and accuracy you need in a wide range of situations. Whether you ship larger items that might end up being dimensionally rated, ship from multiple locations, or just typically often have orders that require multiple boxes, our extension module will do the job.

After you install our module and subscribe to AuctionInc's Zen Cart Module, your customers can use your "Estimate Shipping" button anytime to view our accurate calculated rates.

When they are ready to check out, they can select their preferred service, and the cost of the service will be included in their total. The selected service will be passed on to you in the order detail.

Our shipping calculator extension module for Zen Cart supports all the features and capabilities of our
powerful Shipping Rates API:

* Accurate calculated shipping from USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL
* Domestic and International services supported from any origin
* No carrier accounts required
* Advanced management for for USPS flat rate boxes
* Intelligent "packaging" algorithm which handles multiple items and quantities
* Item dimensions and dimensional ratings
* Drop-shipping from multiple origins
* "On-demand" carrier settings
* Fixed shipping codes
* Free shipping and Free Domestic Shipping/Calculated International
* Promotional shipping discounts
* Accurate optional package insurance
* Support for all carrier accessorial fees
* AuctionInc's top-quality customer support

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