URL Redirection Manager

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When a product, category or any other page is disabled in Zen Cart, the website will redirect users to a standard 404 (not foud) page. In the process, all "link juice", page rank, and backlink referrals from blogs or any other third-party websites would go to waste.
This plugin allows website administrators to capture traffic and keep page rank after they disable a page, by redirecting users to a URL within the website.
The plugin simplifies redirect management and enforce important redirect rules, such as not allowing entries where:
- The origin URL already exists
- Redirect chains are created
- The origin and target URLs are the same

This plugin does not require any core file overwrite so it won't affect future Zen Cart upgrades.
Easy to install and remove, this plugin was developed and tested on Zen Cart v.1.5.5e running on Apache/2.4.23 with PHP 5.6.24 and MySQL 5.5.5-10.1.16-MariaDB.

1. Unzip the contents of this file in an empty folder
2. Rename the admin folder to match the name you use in your website
3. Login to the administrative area of your web store and go to: Tools > Install SQL Patches. Click the [Choose File] button, select the install.sql file provided, click [Open] and then [upload].
4. Upload all contents of the ./url_redirection_manager folder into your web store.

1. Go to Admin: Tools > URL Redirection Manager
2. Create a redirect by clickng the [Add URL Redirect] button
3. Test the newly added redirect by trying to open the original page and confirming it is redirecting.

If the redirection is not working, your template is probably missing the following line of code:


$zco_notifier->notify('NOTIFY_HTML_HEAD_START', $current_page_base, $template_dir);

At the top of the script (it should be the first line to execute).

If you are not happy with the plugin for any reason, you can uninstall it at any time as follows:
1. Remove the following files:
2. Run the provided ininstall.sql file
3. Remove the five remaining files (optional):

The plugin can redirect any disabled page in Zen Cart. However, it will not redirect images, pdf documents or any independent file or website that are not part of Zen Cart. You may want to have your .htaccess configured to take care of those situations as needed (if at all necessary).
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.6
Original Author wvasconcelos
Last Updated by wvasconcelos - 14 Mar 2019
Downloads 183

Version History

URL Redirection Manager   -   Version: 1.4
Including some bugs fixes from the previous version, this version makes the module compatible with PHP 7.3.
Tested on Zen Cart v.1.5.6a, this version may work on Zen Cart 1.5.5 as well.
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.6
Date Added 14 Mar 2019
Author wvasconcelos
File Size 24.7 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? No
Downloads 10
URL Redirection Manager   -   Version: 1.3
Security patch applied to ensure only allowed characters can be used in your URL.
Minor modifications applied for PHP 7.1 compatibility.
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.5
Date Added 28 Feb 2018
Author wvasconcelos
File Size 21.1 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? No
Downloads 104
URL Redirection Manager   -   Version: 1.2
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.5
Date Added 14 Aug 2017
Author wvasconcelos
File Size 20.6 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Unknown
Downloads 69

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