Gift Certificate Addon

The default Gift Certificate module (ot_gv) allows customers to buy credit, which can be used as cash to pay for orders, or sent to someone else by e-mail. However, since credit can move from customer to customer, it is quite difficult to audit gift certificate usage. Additionally, if a customer wants a hardcopy of a gift certificate to give to someone else, the default features in v1.5 cannot do that. At that point, the customer is responsible for generating a redemption code (by sending the balance to a known e-mail address) and designing the gift certificate him/herself.

By relying on a specialized Discount Coupon with cash value, this plugin will work as follows:
- Generate one redemption code for each Gift Certificate purchased,
- Facilitate audit of gift certificate usage,
- Include redemption codes on order confirmation e-mails
- Provide a way for customers to easily generate a gift certificate image (png)
- Allow customers to easily print or sent gift certificate images by e-mail
- Allow administrators to enable/disable gift certificates as needed

- This plugin sits on top of two native Zen Cart's modules: Discount Coupon and Gift Certificate.
- There is no need to install Zen Cart's Gift Certificates module (ot_gv) for this plugin to work.
- While this plugin does not require any core file modification to work, I do recommend three core file modifications.
- Since I am using a specialized Discount Code as Gift Certificate, customers will not be able to redeem discount coupons when paying with Gift Cards.
- For security reasons, all gift certificate images generated by the server will not be stored in the hard drive.
- You can monitor all Gift Certificates sold and how they were used through an interface available in Admin: Discounts > Gift Certificate Dashboard
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Gift Certificate Addon   -   Version: 1.0
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.5
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