Nexi XPay

With XPay you have:
1. a complete offer of integrated payment methods:
- transaction management for Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, V-Pay, Maestro, American Express, Diners international schemes
- acceptance of every type of Wallet: MySi, Masterpass e PayPal

2. a multichannel platform, granted by a checkout page that is optimized for mobile, tablet e desktop and by compatibility with merchant's app through SDK packages for Android and IOS

3. a simple and intuitive payment interface, designed to improve customer's purchase experience, offering several possibilities of online payment (Easy checkOut, Recurrent Payments, OneClickPay)

4. functionality to accept payments from all over the world.
- customers can pay in euros or other currencies, with a guaranteed exchange rate, thanks to Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service.

5. protection and security of all payment transactions. Use of cryptographic protocols SLL-TSL, 3D procedure and CVV2 security codes. XPay is also compliant to PCI-DSS standard

6. Maximum flexibility and customization
-merchant e-commerce logo on payment page
-payment page integrated on the e-commerce website without having to handle the sensitive customer data thanks to a customizable interface (iframe o lightbox)
-100% Customizable Checkout thanks to Hosted Fields
-Possibility to change interface's language when paying with Nexi

7. availability of integration with merchant's working environment
-Configuration of the cash mode: immediate, deferred, total or partial
-Integration through API with merchant's website to handle the orders directly
- advanced reporting (transaction profiling of customers, management of receipts, cancellations and Refunds, contracts Management for recurring payments)
-business continuity: XPay guarantees constant operativeness, with no service interruptions

8. choosing the current account to which transfer payments for online transactions

9. commercial assistance and specialized technical support

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Nexi XPay   -   Version: 2.0.0
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