Twitch Additional Product Images Admin for Mobile/

This brand new module will allow you to upload up to 8 additional product images using your mobile/tablet or desktop directly from the product page. Just log into your admin, create a new product or select an existing one, when you get to the image upload area, select an upload directory and simply snap a photo with your camera or select an existing picture!

Screenshots of this module installed are included!

- On screen display/preview of Main Product Image + 8 Additional Images plus each image file path + filename
- Upload 1 or all 9 (1 main image + 8 additional images) at a time* to the image directory of your choice
- Upload one image at a time into separate folders within your /images directory
- Admin -> Catalog -> Product-General -> Edit Layout -> Show Product Additional Images on Product Info has a new 3 position switch
- SQL update to accept mile long filenames given by mobile devices

* Note: Some mobile devices only have the capacity to upload one image at a time, there is no work around for this type of limitation at this time.

Each image retains the original Zen Cart management code...
- Overwrite existing image on server
- Delete Image - Remove image from product
- Select an existing image from the server

Important Note: This module does not change or interfere with the stock Product Additional Images. I can appreciate a good legacy code but... renaming every single product image just isn't a practical solution these days.

It's worth mentioning that I did not include any Java updates with this release to prevent unnecessary conflicts.

Works with:
- All Twitch Modules

- This has been tested and will work with previous ZC versions however only the newest 1.55f version will be included in the plugin fileset.
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.5
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.5
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