Debug Error Logging Utility for v1.3.8

*** NOTE: THIS IS ALREADY BUILT-IN TO v1.3.9a, so just jump to step 3 below ***

Sometimes when a page is showing up blank due to hidden PHP errors, it can be hard to track down the cause -- especially if your server's errorlog isn't active or cannot easily be accessed.

Installing the attached debug error-logging tool will create debug logs of PHP problems for you to review.

Be sure to remove the utility when not needed, or it will slow down your site and consume large amounts of disk space.

** HOW TO USE: **
1. Download and unzip this file
2. Upload the enclosed enable_error_logging.php file to the /includes/extra_configures/ folder.
(or /admin/includes/extra_configures if your problem is on the admin side)
3. Make sure your /cache/ folder permissions are set to writable. (NOTE: if you're using v1.5.0 or newer, it'll be the /logs/ folder instead)
4. Test the page on your site that is having problems -- ie: trigger whatever symptom is ailing you.
5. Open the latest /cache/myDEBUG-xxxxxxx.log file to see the list of any PHP errors that occurred while the page/test was running.
6. Be sure to delete the enable_error_logging.php file from the /includes/extra_configures folder when done (or rename it to .php1 instead of .php )
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.3.8
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