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Admin Notes V2 Admin Notes V2 : The Notes plugin allows you to add private notes to customer, order and product records. 1 May 2023 100
Sales Report Sales Report : Generate sales reports by date range and more. Easy plugin to Admin The Sales Report is designed to offer professional-level accounting data for businesses who use Zen Cart heavily, with multiple di ... [more] 30 Apr 2023 31,568
Order Comments Boilerplate Order Comments Boilerplate : This plug-in resolves the problem of repetitive order comments. Very often Orders require (almost) identical comments over and over again. Many shop owners keep a separate text file for storing these ... [more] 5 Apr 2023 235
Copy Categories Copy Categories : What is Copy Categories? Copy Categories is exactly what its name says, Zen Cart's default category management does not have a "Category Copy Option". Now there is Allows the store owner or mana ... [more] 8 Mar 2023 890
CSV Inventory CSV Inventory : CSV Inventory allows you to export the stock and sales levels of each of your products in a CSV file suitable for importing into a spreadsheet. 28 Feb 2023 126
Database I/O Manager (DbIo) Database I/O Manager (DbIo) : The Database I/O Manager (DbIo) provides an interface for your Zen Cart admin to import and export information from your database, using .CSV files as the interface. Its processing - Uses the b ... [more] 19 Jan 2023 3,091
Attribute Report Attribute Report : The Attribute Report allows you to easily determine which products use a specific attribute. 30 Dec 2022 69
FraudLabs Pro Credit Card Fraud Prevention FraudLabs Pro Credit Card Fraud Prevention : FraudLabs Pro™ Credit Card Fraud Prevention screens credit card transactions for online frauds. It increases e-commerce merchant profits by reduces chargeback, improves operation efficiency and provid ... [more] 22 Dec 2022 1,349
Recover Cart Sales Recover Cart Sales : Allows viewing of abandoned carts by registered customers and gives you the chance to follow up and perhaps complete the sale. 4 Dec 2022 20,293
Email Address Exporter Email Address Exporter : Export email addresses from Zen Cart customer base to HTML, CSV, TXT file format for use in external applications, such as easy importing into Constant Contact or Mailchimp etc. 30 Nov 2022 24,182
Quick Price & Quantity update in admin Quick Price & Quantity update in admin : Overview: Combines SWGuy Quick Qty Update and ianhg Quick Price Update. Allows you to quickly update the Products Quantity field and Products Price field from the listing page in your admin. You ... [more] 6 Nov 2022 55
Search Log Search Log : Records each time a customer does a search on your site the search term (keywords entered),date/time of the search and the number of results returned. 28 Oct 2022 7,303
Quick Price Update Quick Price Update : This plugin is a copy more or less of software guy's Quick Quantity Update, so perhaps this should be passed along to him to review and adjust if required. I found that updating prices is a long proce ... [more] 23 Oct 2022 93
Email Archive Manager Email Archive Manager : Zen Cart has a great email archiving feature. When enabled, every email sent through your cart is stored in a database table. This is the admin utility to look up emails in this table. Until n ... [more] 22 Sep 2022 17,179
Admin notes advanced Admin notes advanced : **NOTE** If you are running Zen Cart 1.5.6 or higher, you probably want the newer version of this plugin: Features/advantages: - Create, ... [more] 8 Sep 2022 5,376
Inventory Updater Inventory Updater : A new page to update multiple items inventory quantities based on item category. NO Zen-Cart core files modified. Also allows to easily change items status from from active to inactive (and vice ... [more] 2 Aug 2022 331
Squash Taxes Squash Taxes : This mod allows you to compress local taxes (computed by the Local Sales Tax mod) and state taxes into a single record. This is useful for systems which require a single tax record, such as Paypal and ... [more] 30 Jul 2022 127
ZC Inventory Report ZC Inventory Report : This Zen Cart Report module allows for you to check stock levels of the products in your Zen Cart store. Values included in the table style report are: Product ID Quantity in Stock Product title ... [more] 11 Jul 2022 2,351
Changed Files Changed Files : Shows files which have changed in your Zen Cart installation in order of change date. 2 Jul 2022 589
Preview Email Preview Email : Preview Email allows you to view the HTML emails your cart produces, so you can tweak the layout. 23 May 2022 548
Monthly Sales and Tax Summary Report Monthly Sales and Tax Summary Report : This report displays a summary of monthly or daily totals: gross income (order totals) subtotals of all orders in the selected period nontaxed sales subtotals taxed sales subtotals tax colle ... [more] 19 May 2022 12,618
Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x : Edit Orders is an admin module that allows store owners to edit a customer's order. The following edit options are available: - Change the customer, billing or shipping information on an order - Ad ... [more] 28 Apr 2022 13,864
Delete Spam Customers Delete Spam Customers : Delete Spam Customers allows you to bulk delete customer accounts created by bad guys. It cleans out all database records for the bad account. 13 Jan 2022 479
Super Orders Super Orders : Super Orders is exactly what its name implies: Zen Cart order management on steroids. It's more in all the areas I always see Zen users asking for more: more navigation options, more order contro ... [more] 7 Jan 2022 43,393
Add Customers from Admin (v1.5.0+) Add Customers from Admin (v1.5.0+) : This plugin is based on v1.08 of the Add Customers from Admin add-on developed for the 1.3.x versions of Zen Cart®, but this version (v2.0.0 and later) has been modified for Zen Cart v1.5.0 and later ... [more] 13 Dec 2021 4,764
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