Light Greyan Buttons

Light Greyan Buttons for Zencart 1.5

This set of light grey buttons will fit in nicely with most template colors schemes.

The light grey buttons are design with emboss text, raise text and some buttons comes with icons for users to recognize quicker. This add on only replace the current template buttons and will not touch any of your core files.

Simply unzip and copy the image into the directory
After copying over the buttons. Remember to refresh your browser for these buttons to appear. Remember to rename "YOUR_TEMPLATE" to the template you are using.

These buttons have been created by andrewnguyen.

Demo buttons:
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.0
Original Author andrewnguyen
Last Updated by andrewnguyen - 14 Mar 2012
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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.0
Date Added 14 Mar 2012
Author andrewnguyen
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Downloads 508

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