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2Checkout Payment Sidebox 2Checkout Payment Sidebox : This sidebox will display the secure payment on your website. It has a nice graphic of visa, mastercard and paypal, too. We made this transparent so it will fit into any Zen Cart templat ... [more] 4 Jul 2010 1,071
Absolute Links Sidebox Absolute Links Sidebox : This sidebox' alters no core files and is easy to drop in or remove. Add your html/javascript code to one file using direct/absolute links if you choose. No need for 'relative' links. Does not displa ... [more] 13 Jan 2010 4,510
Add Pages to More Information Sidebox Add Pages to More Information Sidebox : This mod allows the addition of 3 additional pages (5, 6, and 7) in the More Information sidebox. New pages can be turned off and/or edited thru the admin panel. 17 Feb 2015 5,324
Advanced Search Sidebox Advanced Search Sidebox : Rather than having to click through to the Advanced Search page this contribution implements the Advanced Search form as a sidebox. This means the Advanced Search is always available without having to ... [more] 7 Jan 2009 6,346
Amazon Widget Sidebox Amazon Widget Sidebox : Advertise on your site using Amazon Widget. This sidebox is a modification from Google Adsense Sidebox by gilby ( ... [more] 5 Mar 2009 867
artist sidebox and music filter links artist sidebox and music filter links : Modifcation of Record Company sidebox to create an Artist Sidebox. Also includes optional extras to turn Genre, Artist and Record Company names into dynamic music typefilter links on the music prod ... [more] 12 Jun 2013 1,372
Ask a Question (With Sidebox) Ask a Question (With Sidebox) : This mode is an expansion of Scott Wilson (swguy) mod. I have added a side box that will allow customers to click and ask questions about a particular product. The side box will only show up when you ... [more] 27 May 2017 4,947
Authorize.Net & GeoTrust Smart Icons Authorize.Net & GeoTrust Smart Icons : This module is a combination of the GeoTrust QuickSSL Smart Icon by Rwatson626 and the Merchant Seal by Knuckle-101. It puts both icons together into one sidebox to maintain a cleaner lo ... [more] 3 Jan 2008 1,438 Merchant Seal Merchant Seal : Intro ============= seal is a service that allows you to offer proof of merchant to customers on your website. It will be an essential part of your web presence. In ... [more] 7 Jan 2008 3,512
AWeber Signup Sidebox AWeber Signup Sidebox : Side box that allows you to insert custom AWeber sign-up forms into your site for use in sending newsletters, sequential auto responders, etc... AWeber is a very popular email auto responder system ... [more] 18 Feb 2007 1,874
Banner Manager Controlled Sideboxes Banner Manager Controlled Sideboxes : This allows you to set up as many sideboxes as you want with a given banner group name, and as many banners as you want for each sidebox, displaying them one at a time. They can then be switched on/of ... [more] 17 Feb 2016 177
bbCode Forum Linking bbCode Forum Linking : I built a module that would allow customers to link elegantly to my different product pages. There are two options: - Product Name Link (text only) - Product Image Link I am not a ZC guru, so ... [more] 28 Jan 2008 1,294
Bestsellers Scrolling Images Bestsellers Scrolling Images : The bestseller scrolling images is the name of the new plugin I have created for Zen-Cart. The purpose of this contribution is to allow the display of marqueed thumbnail images alongside your bests ... [more] 29 May 2011 2,508
Bestsellers thumbnail images Bestsellers thumbnail images : This contribution allows the display of thumbnail images alongside your bestsellers listings, see the screen shot including in the archive for an example of how they can look. 20 Oct 2010 9,573
Blank Sidebox Blank Sidebox : Blank Sidebox allows for customization of multiple, non-rotatin static buttons, images in one sidebox. 26 May 2007 27,773
Bookmark Sidebox Bookmark Sidebox : This sidebox uses a php browser check function to determine what type of message should be shown in the sidebox. 1. If the user's browser is any type of MSIE (Microsift Internet Explorer), then a li ... [more] 27 Feb 2008 2,436
CampaignMonitor Sidebox CampaignMonitor Sidebox : CampaignMonitor Sidebox for Zen Cart v1.0 lets your customers add their e-mail address to a mailing list in your CampaignMonitor account. Please note: for the 1.0 version, customers can only sign u ... [more] 12 Feb 2009 796
Carousel Sidebox for New, Featured & Specials Prod Carousel Sidebox for New, Featured & Specials Prod : Display your New, Featured and Special products in their sideboxes using a carousel which automatically progresses but can also be manually controlled by the viewer. This means you can promote multipl ... [more] 25 Jun 2011 2,487
Cart Sidebox with Free Shipping Qualifier and Chec Cart Sidebox with Free Shipping Qualifier and Chec : Combination of 2 modules - Shopping Cart with Checkout Button by wilkesy and Shopping cart Free Shipping Qualifier originally by VaicekaL._br__br_I've made some slight changes to the original code by ... [more] 5 Dec 2007 2,326
Cart Summary Sidebox Cart Summary Sidebox : Simply displays number of items, weight, and value of cart contents in a sidebox or the site header. See the readme.txt for details. 28 Oct 2006 7,230
Categories Dressing Categories Dressing : This is a mix-and-match group of alterations you can make to the appearance of the standard Zen Cart "Categories" sidebox. Each alteration can be repeated with different characteristics, or omitted i ... [more] 31 May 2009 19,564
Categories Menu, YahooTreeMenu With AJAX Categories Menu, YahooTreeMenu With AJAX : YahooTreeMenuWithAJAX for Zen-Cart v 1.3.x v0.3a.1 Tested under Zen-Cart v What is the use of this module? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Th ... [more] 4 Dec 2006 9,858
Categories with ezpages links & TOC Categories with ezpages links & TOC : This mod will enable you to display links to your ezpages in the categories sidebox. This mod will replace your existing modules/sideboxes/categories.php, and templates/template_default/sideboxes/tpl_ ... [more] 13 Mar 2008 2,550
Category Drop Down Select Menu Category Drop Down Select Menu : **NOTE** This mod has been tested in Zen Cart 1.3.7 only. It *MAY* work fine for other 1.3* versions of zen cart, but I wouldn't know that it would work on any version of zen cart prior to 1.3*. Use o ... [more] 21 Nov 2010 12,267
Category Listing Box Category Listing Box : This old mod has the subcategories appear underneath the category no matter what page you are on. Cleaned up and 1.3.7 ready. Also included is a extra file in case you don't want this sidebox appearin ... [more] 30 Aug 2007 4,849
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