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Google Checkout module for Zen Cart Google Checkout module for Zen Cart : This module adds Google Checkout capability to Zen Cart, as an alternate checkout method. The plugin provides Level 2 integration of Google Checkout. Plugin features include: 1. Posting shoppi ... [more] 10 Mar 2012 39,209
Direct Bank Deposit Direct Bank Deposit : This is a payment module that allow you customer deposite money to up bank account option. This module basicely it display all you bank information during the checkout. This module been modify from t ... [more] 11 Feb 2017 20,115
2CheckOut Payment Module 2CheckOut Payment Module : THis module incorpoates the 2CO products listing on checkout. Customer is sent to the 2CO payment page to checkout. On returning to store, the customer is sent to an auto-redirect page. This page upda ... [more] 28 Nov 2012 13,882
Payflow for PayPal Payflow for PayPal : Module to use Payflow by PayPal 3 May 2019 10,023
Invoice Payment Method ("Bill Me Later", "Credit") Invoice Payment Method ("Bill Me Later", "Credit") : Allows the admin to specify one or more multiple pricing groups as having "invoice" permission. Allowing customers to pay by invoice can then be done by moving the customer into one of these groups. ... [more] 29 Sep 2021 9,460
Store Credits and Rewards Points Module Store Credits and Rewards Points Module : ALERT: THIS MODULE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED This module allows store owners to offer store credit to their customers. Credit can be manually set from the Zen Cart admin, or awarded to customers afte ... [more] 4 Sep 2012 9,236
EU Standard Bank Transfer EU Standard Bank Transfer : Within the EU wire transfer via IBAN and BIC is the most effective and fastest method to transfer funds. Installation is quite simple, just unzip the file and upload to your server in the respective ... [more] 15 Apr 2008 7,840
Alertpay Payment Module Alertpay Payment Module : This is similar to the Egold module. Simply upload into the appropriate diretorys and start accepting Alertpay payments. 28 Apr 2011 6,922
Ceon Manual Card Ceon Manual Card : ceon_manual_card - A Payment Module for the Zen Cart e-commerce system. This Payment Module allows the shop owner to accept Credit/Debit Card payments for inputting into a Manual/Offline Card Proce ... [more] 15 Nov 2012 6,406
Offsite Payment Offsite Payment : This module simply offers your customers a way of submitting the order without payment, and having you contact them for payment separately. It's a great way to have them pay "later", or "on account ... [more] 19 Jan 2021 5,513
CCAvenue Integration CCAvenue Integration : CCAvenue Module is a payment module for the zen cart open source e-commerce shopping cart, which enables credit card processing via CCAvenue Payment Gateway. In addition, I DO NOT work for CCAvenue ... [more] 14 Jul 2012 5,411
Square Payments for Zen Cart Square Payments for Zen Cart : Accept credit cards in less than 5 minutes. No monthly fees and no setup fees. PCI Compliant. Customer never leaves your store! Standard rates are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Funds are deposited ... [more] 23 Jun 2020 4,693
QuickBooks Merchant Service QuickBooks Merchant Service : This is a Port of the OSC Module for Quickbooks Merchant Service Submit Bugs or problems here 20 May 2009 4,511
Nochex Payments Module & APC Nochex Payments Module & APC : Nochex module that makes use of the new Nochex Payment Pages system includes support for Nochex Automatic Payment Confirmation. 12 Jan 2017 4,290
Checkout by Amazon Zen Cart Plug-in Checkout by Amazon Zen Cart Plug-in : The Checkout by Amazon team has released an updated version of the Zen Cart plug-in. The updated plug-in supports the following features: - Integrated with Instant Order Payment Notifications - ... [more] 15 Oct 2012 4,246 Payments Integration Payments Integration : This module is designed to allow Zen Cart store owners to integrate with for their payments. Currently (Nov. 2012) Stripe is only available to USA & Canadian bank account holders. 13 Dec 2016 3,915
Account Holders - Invoice Later Account Holders - Invoice Later : This is a simple rework of the existing CHECK/MONEYORDER Module, and it behaves in exactly the same way as CHECK/MONEYORDER. The fundamental difference is that it creates a Payment Option (at STAGE 2 ... [more] 8 Dec 2008 3,884
InternetSecure InternetSecure : This module is based on the original version supplied from the old ZC downloads section. The script is a total rewrite and has been tested on versions 1.2.4.x to 1.3. Fully compatible to version 1. ... [more] 26 Aug 2006 3,846
Installment Plan Installment Plan : This module permits shop owners who manually process credit cards to offer "installment plan" type financing. 23 Jan 2011 3,678
Credit Card Surcharge Fee Credit Card Surcharge Fee : ****Fully tested with 1.37 and 1.38 version may be compatible with earlier versions as well.**** Here is the module for those wishing to charge additional fees for credit card, Paypal wire transfer ... [more] 14 May 2008 3,390
Authorize.NET ARB Module Authorize.NET ARB Module : This is a simple module for integration with the ARB Module. You can administer length of subscription and everything from the admin panel. 27 Jun 2007 3,349
Bambora/Beanstream Payment Module (Canada) Bambora/Beanstream Payment Module (Canada) : Bambora payment module (formerly Beanstream) You need an account with Bambora -- go to, and when you fill out your account application, be sure to tell them you were referred by Zen Car ... [more] 26 Sep 2018 3,123
DPS/PaymentExpress PxPost DPS/PaymentExpress PxPost : Payment module for DPS for Zen Cart 1.3.x. Based on the osCommerce dps module by Attitude Group Ltd. 30 Nov 2014 3,043
Pasarela CAIXA Sermepa visa/mastercard - ported fr Pasarela CAIXA Sermepa visa/mastercard - ported fr : Módulo de pago para sistema SERMEPA y configurado para los sistemas de La Caixa. La instalación es muy sencilla, basta con copiar los archivos al lugar correspondiente, como los demás módulos de pago. ... [more] 18 Jul 2007 2,982
Western Union Western Union : This is a simple module for those that want to provide a Western Union payment option. Allows you to configure the following in the admin: ~ Payee Name ~ Payee Address ~ Payee City, State, Zip ... [more] 25 Nov 2009 2,946
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