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Attribute Dimensions Attribute Dimensions : This shipping module allows Zen Cart store admins to set package dimensions on a per attribute basis. Shipping modules can then give a more accurate estimate by adjusting the dimensions of the product ... [more] 21 Sep 2015 124
auspostcode auspostcode : In Australia, shipping zones based on state boundaries are as useful as teets on a bull. It can be double the price to post to Port Hedland as it is to Perth. Yet both are both in Western Australia! S ... [more] 15 Sep 2014 251
Australia Post Shipping Module Australia Post Shipping Module : This module uses the Australia Post API to get valid quotes directly from the Australia Post server. To use this module, you must obtain a 36 digit API Key from the Auspost Development Centre: htt ... [more] 8 Jun 2018 4,113
Basic UK Mail Basic UK Mail : A module to provide local and International shipping for UK Zen Cart stores. Ported and updated from the OsC UK Shipping Methods contribution Shipping Methods Added: (1) Royal Mail First Cla ... [more] 1 Apr 2013 1,677
Belgium Taxipost Shipping Belgium Taxipost Shipping : Belgium parcels postal service "Taxipost" by "La Poste Belge". Supporte les expéditions suivantes: NATIONAL vers NATIONAL. NATIONAL vers INTERNATIONAL (toutes zones avec TAXIPOST EMS et KILOPOST) ... [more] 24 Nov 2009 494
Big Royal Mail Big Royal Mail : This module comprises of separate shipping modules and tariffs for the shipping methods available from the post office: Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Large Letter Royal Ma ... [more] 23 Feb 2021 21,640
Canada Post Desktop EST Export Canada Post Desktop EST Export : This module allows you to export customer data, including address, e-mail address, and phone number, into Canada Post's Desktop EST software. It makes printing shipping labels so much faster and less ... [more] 2 May 2016 1,184
Canada Post Shipping Module Canada Post Shipping Module : Canada Post Shipping module with dimension support Works with the SellOnline service from Canada Post. (NOTE: There are rumours that CP is retiring the SellOnline service...) 20 Jun 2020 18,090
CanPar Shipping XML CanPar Shipping XML : This is taken from the osCommerce contribtion #4402 I have made it work with Zen Cart. Rates no longer need to be updated manually with the addition of XML 10 May 2018 1,917
Cart Total / Weight Shipping costs Cart Total / Weight Shipping costs : This shipping module displays the following table at the checkout, with the correct shipping charge, based on the cart total/weight ratio, being highlighted. --------------------------------------- ... [more] 3 Aug 2012 268
Chronopost Chronopost : This package brings together the shipping module file for Chronopost, the parcels shipping arm of the French postal service, and the language file. The language entries are based on this post from ... [more] 15 Apr 2008 702
Correios (SEDEX) Correios (SEDEX) : Funciona com qualquer versão acima da v1.3.8. Cálculo automático do frete. Suporte via Zen Cart Forum. 22 Feb 2011 428
delivery date picker delivery date picker : This is delivery date picker for Zen-Cart based on JavaScript. Allows pick up delivery date from nice pop-up calendar as attribute. I have modified product attributes template file (tpl_modules_att ... [more] 23 Apr 2011 3,354
DHL Discounted Shipping by InXpress DHL Discounted Shipping by InXpress : Display bulk discounted DHL Express rates from the 5th Largest DHL Customer. Include product dimensions. 29 Jan 2021 162
DHL eCommerce/Global Mail DHL eCommerce/Global Mail : This module is for DHL eCommerce also know as Global Mail. This is NOT for their traditional services. Contains DB tables for the following processing centers, EWS, ORD, LAX. There is no API calls ... [more] 20 Apr 2015 89
DHL Shipping DHL Shipping : This module is for DHL shipping, you will need your own account number and API credentials from DHL 17 Feb 2015 1,425
Dropship Core Dropship Core : This plugin adds the core capabilities for the support of drop shipments in Zen Cart. Pages and profiles are added to allow administrative users to maintain drop shipment information about suppliers a ... [more] 15 Apr 2013 1,111
Duplicate Table Rate Duplicate Table Rate : Adds a 2nd table rate shipping module to your site. 17 Mar 2008 3,175
FedEx Freight LTL FedEx Freight LTL : This module allows Zen Cart stores to offer FedEx Freight LTL shipping rate quotes to their customers. Using the FedEx Freight LTL XML API, the module will quickly return both FedEx Priority and FedEx ... [more] 18 Nov 2013 780
FedEx SmartPost Shipping Module FedEx SmartPost Shipping Module : This module allows Zen Cart stores to offer FedEx SmartPost to their customers using the WS API. As described by FedEx: Reduce transit time, minimize handling and maximize cost savings with FedE ... [more] 2 Feb 2016 1,181
FedEx Web Services Shipping FedEx Web Services Shipping : This module allows Zen Cart store owners to quickly and easily offer FedEx real-time rate quotes to their customers using the FedEx Web Services API. The module provides quotes for all FedEx Express, ... [more] 15 Jun 2016 2,907
FEDEX XML FEDEX XML : This is a FEDEX Shipping Module that uses the FEDEX XML Ship Manager service. It will Get Rates for all Express and Ground Services (including Fedex Express Freight over 150lbs) 20 Oct 2008 3,627
Flat Rate Clone Flat Rate Clone : This is a simple clone of the "Flat Rate" shipping module which is part of the stock Zen Cart. The purpose of this shipping module is to allow you to set 2 different zones to "Flat Rate" shipping s ... [more] 25 Jan 2008 4,635
Flat Rate High Speed Shipping Flat Rate High Speed Shipping : This module is very simple; it's just the Flat Rate shipping module, rebranded as "High Speed shipping (2-3 days)" for anyone who wants to have a simple addition for high speed shipping. Installation ... [more] 16 Nov 2012 435
Flat Rate Shipping based on UK/EU and ROW and prod Flat Rate Shipping based on UK/EU and ROW and prod : Shipping mod that allows for Flat Rate postage charge based on UK/EU and ROW based on the catergory of product. Similiar to multigeozone but based on catergory. This has only been tested on 1.2 ... [more] 9 Jul 2007 1,408
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